Steamboat's Gathering @ Jean's House

Jack's ex-schoolmates held a Steamboat's gathering on Saturday. Food always brings people together. While having good food, we get to mingle around and catch-up with some old friends. While Jack and I arrived sharp at 7pm, all the raw ingredients were readily prepared on the dining table.
It's time to eat! With all the good quality of ingredients around, who could ever resists from not overloading with food. After all, that's the best thing of having home-cooked food. "Get the best deal within the most reasonable budget".
Prawns from Sandakan
The big and fresh prawns from Sandakan was really juicy, meaty and sweet. The prawn's succulent flesh will just keep you wanting for more.
Fish from Sandakan ('7 Stars Garoupa)
Jean and Nicholas just came back from Sandakan's trip. The fish was brought all the way from Sandakan. The fresh fish fillets can be eaten without any sauce and yet tasted so good.
Fish Puff from Sandakan
Unlike the normal Fish Puff we bought from the market, these fish puff tasted really flavourful. Not too salty and full of fish flavour.
Homemade Chicken Wantan
Yiin Wei and Jean put a great effort making the Wantan. They used minced chicken and mushroom as the Wantan's filling.
Fresh and thick squids!
Assorted Packaged Food
 Meat Ball
Clarice came early to cook the broth for the steamboat. Used cabbages, mushrooms, corns, carrots and chicken as ingredients.
Filling the hot pot with broth.
The best part of having steamboat; we cooked together, we eat together!
Cooked food
Explosive Dush invented by Yiin Wei.
It is a Jelly with Yogurt filling. Bite through the jelly and the yogurt filling will burst out. Yummy!! The Jelly with Longan filling also not bad.
Moist Chocolate Cake from Strawberry Cake House
We also took the opportunity to celebrate Nicholas's birthday 

Photo grabbed from Phyllis's FB
Behind the scene..


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