B4 Buffet @ Qba, Westin Hotel

B4 Buffet @ Qba Latin Grill, Wine Bar and Cigar, Westin Hotel, KL
Buffet time: Saturdays, 6pm - 10pm
Price: RM 148++ per person (RM 78++ for kids)
Phone: 03-2773 8338
Address: 1st Floor, Qba, Westin Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL, Malaysia.

RM 148++ for 4 hours of free flow booze (beer, cocktails, wine) and food at the Westin KL with
unlimited refills of drinks below:
Cocktails - Bandito, Cuba Libre
Mocktails - various types
Softdrinks & Juices
Wine - red & white
Beers - Carlsberg Draft, Carlsberg Gold, Chang Beer, Skol

You get me right, the buffet included Free Flow of Alcoholic Beverages!! The Latin American food and BBQ are prepare freshly on the spot upon orders. A great place to chill out with friends while having good food.
I should have go there earlier to get a better quality of photos. Too bad that we aren't using DSLR, or else the photos will look better.
Besides enjoying good food, we also get to watch the food preparation process by the chefs.
Preparation of coktails
The fresh seafood will definitely catch your eyes.
Cocktel De Mariscos
A very special seafood cocktails with a combination of scallop tiradito, salsa verde, garlic chive cress and cashew nuts.
The Paella was cooked with chicken, prawns, black mussels, little neck clam and chorizo. The saffron infused valencia rice had also absorbed the fresh seafood's flavours. The rice wasn't soggy nor oily.
Cowboy Baked Cannellini Beans
Beef Ragout
Columbian Style Baby Potatoes
Escallavida Vegetables
Caribbean Lamb Curry
Cuban loves having steamed rice. The Carribean Lamb Curry, Beef Ragout and Braised Canary Beans are some of the dishes to go with the steamed rice.
Braised Canary Beans
Tomato and Olive Salad
Hot Salsa
Giant Torta - South of the border sandwich
Foot long sandwich that packed with achiote spiced chicken, pickled jalapeno, mango salsa, guacamole, roma tomatoes, monterey jack cheddar. For sandwich lovers, do-not-miss-this.
Vegetables from the Latin American Grilled Corner
Dipping sauce
Spit Rotisserie Whole Lamb
Latin American Grilled Corner
Chorizo Sausage Kabob and Lamb Cutlets
Chipotle Marinated Chicken
Angus Sirloin Steak
Gold Band Snapper Kabob a la Diablo
Pearl, the chef

Arepas- South American filled Corn Cakes
The Arepas are stuffed with beef and green olive hash or black bean and cheese or grilled eggplant, dried tomato and feta cheese or perico, turkey ham and cheddar cheese in the corn cakes. It is like a burger.

Taquero - Tacos Corner
Chicken Al Pastor
Irish oyster and shellfish ice stands were brought to the table with Qba salsa which included habanero and tomato relish, jalapeno and lime crema, shadowbenny, avocado dippings. The oyster was so fresh. I like the prawns which tasted so sweet on its own. Mouth watering dish.
Tropical Fruit Paletas Popsicles
The meal will never complete without a good dessert. I will say it is like a body without the soul. Icy cool popsicles are so refreshing!!

Finally, it is time to feast! My picks...
Overall, fully satisfaction were given to all of us. Good food, good friends, good boosts and a nice ambiance! Bravo!!
Coffee Chocolate Mousse with Cinnamon Churro


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