Angie's Family Trip - Johor Bahru and Singapore (2nd-3rd Sept 2010)

My hubby have a business appointment down in Singapore to meet with his client, so he decided to bring us along as a business and pleasure trip. We travel by car, he drove of course, is fun cause we can stop by for some good food in Johor area.We make a move early in the morning, with an empty stomach, we plan to stop by this famous wantan mee restaurant for lunch.
Restaurant Ho Seng Kee No. 12, Jalan Kancil ,
Taman Century in Johor Bahru.
Open daily from 10.30am to 3.00pm except Tuesdays.
Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

Ho Seng Kee is a very famous Wanton Mee restaurant, everyone in Johor knew about it and is highly recommended must eat place. We ordered otak-otak, 2 big dried wantan mee and 1 small wantan mee soup and 2 herbal drinks. Total paid for lunch RM 29.50 ( 2 adults 1 kid )
Kon Lau Wantan Mee (Large)
Yummm...this is good, maybe we are too hungry, but everyone in Johor agree this is the best wan tan mee. Springy noodle made by them, top with kon lau sauce with a lighter taste compare to KL, char siu pork also good, less fat with a light sweet taste and aroma of spices.
Angelene prefer soup noodle, wan tan was good and fresh, soup was light and sweet, nice!
She finish all the char siu then only she start eating her noodle
Wow! Must order this, good quality otak-otak, make your mouth watering!
Angelene loves the otak otak ! But too spicy for her , she drank a lots of water
Very intelligent, using the flour packaging for deco, telling us they used quality and a mixture different type of flour to make their wan tan mee.

 Time to make a move, continue our journey to Singapore

My hubby is meeting up with his client at Raffles Marina, while he's on job, me and Angelene's just hang around the club, take photos.
Raffles Marina
10 Tuas West Drive Singapore 638404
Telephone: +65 6861 8000
Fax: +65 6861 1020

Raffles Marina is the only marina facility in Asia that caters specifically to the exacting needs of the megayacht community. Protected by a solid breakwater, the minimum depth alongside is 10 metres while the approach channel has a minimum depth of 5 metres at low tide. This enables yachts to berth with us at all times. Shore power services, freshwater supply, TV antennae connectors and telecommunication access are also available.
Raffles Marina walk-on berths can accommodate boats of up to 65 feet while the Boathouse has 300 dry-berths for boats of up to 35 feets.
Raffles Marina is a full fledged country club, offering first class, comprehensive country club services.
Facilities available: landscaped resort pool, gymnasium, aerobics room, table tennis, bowling. And, with a movie-house quality theatre, 19 well appointed, fully furnished guestrooms, a games room with some of the more entertaining video games.

Food and Beverage
Chinese Specialties Restaurant: Captain’s Table
Marina Bistro: al fresco dining experience-splendid fare overlooking the waterfront and the marina beyond. Discovery Pub: Drink
We then settle down at Marina Bistro for a drink and maybe some dessert. Sunny and hot day in Singapore!
Coconut Drink good to kill the thirst!
Ice Kacang Special
For a hot sunny day, this will be a very good dessert...aaahhhh cooling
Really cooling, after we sat for a while we can start to feel the breeze of wind, Angelene start to feel a bit cold, better put her jacket on, avoid catching the cold
She's so happy to see the Kids Menu, but we are heading back to Johor Bahru later for dinner, don't want to let her eat too much now
She actually kept the menu for colouring
When my hubby finish from his meeting, we drove back to Johor Bahru, staying over at Thistle Hotel. We didn't really plan anything, we just want to spend more time together, value our family life!
Thistle Hotel
Jalan Sungai Chat, 80720 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
Phone: +607 222 9234
Oasis Restaurant and Bar
Apartly named because of its unabashed views of the garden and swimming pool, which can be enjoyed while dining.This fashionable diner breaks new ground with innovative Japanese Teppanyaki and Italian fusion cuisine. Diners can watch the chefs compose their signature creations, in the open kitchen.
Tel: 607 222 9234
Opening Hours: 5:00pm till 11:00pm - Daily
After we check in the hotel, we get ourself freshen up! Feeling lazy to go out hunting for food, we just settle down at Oasis Restaurant in the hotel. Angelene's stomach already groaring, haha, when the bread basket serve, she's fast to grab a piece, spread some buttter on and vola! Chump...chump
Total paid for dinner at Oasis, RM 200 plus
Long Island Tea
What a good choice I've made, my favourite!
Beer, best drink for men to wind down
Bread (Complimentary)
Very nice herbs bread, with choice of spread: vinegar olive oil, salsa, herbs olive oil and butter
Lamb Steak
If you like lamb shank, you'll like this, meat were more chewy texture compare to lamb shank that just melt in your mouth. Sauce was good, sweet and flavourful
Spaghetti Bolognese
Very al dente spaghetti, minced beef was good, I would like it to top with more sauce, bit dry
Margarita Pizza
Simple but nice, lots of cheese, thin and crispy pizza, lovely!
Breakfast at Glass, Thistle Hotel
Spectacular all-day dining restaurant at the heart of the hotel, overlooking the tranquil pool and palm trees. Take a culinary journey around the world and enjoy the wide array of international and local specialities; the spectacular feel and tasteful setting that sets the mood for a delightful experience; the friendly and courteous service that will put you at complete ease; the impressive selection of wines from our cellar; all of these come together to create an unforgettable experience. Glass offers a culinary feast of local and international cuisine from a-la-carte meals to lavish lunch and dinner buffets.
Tel: 607 222 9234
Opening Hours: 6:00am till 1:00am Daily
We have our hotel breakfast before we make a move back to KL. Angelene's love hotel breakfast, her Coco Crunch

Double Sunny Side Up
Bit of western and asian pick
Cheese and cracker
Toast and Croissont
Toast, Butter and Jam
Sausage and Ham
Tuna and roast beef
Fruit, Watermelon
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leehuah said…
Nxt time when you stay @ Thistle, visit Anna's Kitchen. Call Anna @ 072242168. She's close on Sundays.

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