Angie - Pre Birthday Celebration: Dessert-Sweet Chat Cafe @ Time Square, Lunch-Madam Kwan @ KLCC and Dinner-Fast Food Fish Head @ Sri Petaling

Pre-Birthday Celebration on 28th August 2010

This morning my hubby and Angelene wake me up, say they want to celebrate my birthday for me today, let's go shopping mum! When Angelene went to change her clothes, my hubby hug me and hold my hand, he then say "You know Angie, a man travels the world to search what he needs and returns home to find it", then he continue "No matter what I've done for myself or for humanity, If I can't look back having given love and attention to my own family, I will have to question myself what have I really accomplished? You and Angelene are most important in my life, I love you both very much." I feel touch!

Oh ya! We then drop by mum house to pick her up, together we go shopping. First stop is Time Square Shopping Mall and later will go KLCC.

Dessert at Sweet Chat Cafe, Time Square

Bubur Cha Cha, Sweet Chat Cafe, RM 5.90
Me and my hubby's favourite! The best bubur cha cha !
Kiwi fruit krakato, RM 6.90
Yummy if you like kiwi fruit, sweet milky and refreshing!
Lunch at Madam Kwan KLCC
After dessert, we did some shopping at Time Square. We felt hungry after walking and shopping for hours. My hubby then suggested we go KLCC for late lunch, then can continue shopping there. We were craving for some rich food, mum suggested we dine at Madam Kwan, that was a great idea cause we all love this place, the only complained, it was a bit pricey! But we get what we pay for....agree?
Total paid for lunch, RM238 (for 3 adults and 1 child)

Garoupa Fish Head Curry, RM65 (2-3 person serving)
Really worth what you pay for, fresh and no fishy smell, with a nice spicy gravy
Beef Rendang "Mdm kwan Signature Dish"
Temptatious dish, you'll won't be able to talk, just want to concentrate eating
Seafood Claypot Tofu
Nice gravy to go with rice, especially for kids
Sambal Sotong
Make your mouth watering, once you taste it, you'll want more
Fu Yong Tan
One of the best from Madam Kwan, fragrantly smell of egg and seafood
Kailan Stir-Fried with Garlic
Crispy and delicious, right cooking time or skill for this fresh vegetable
Curry Chicken
Not too hot, santanie rich gravy...rice...more rice
Banana Fritter with Vanilla Ice cream
Simply the best and mouth watering. Mum and Angie favourite
Happiest time of my life with a loving husband, beautiful and intelligent daughter and caring mum around. Luckiest women in the world, couldn't ask for more, I felt bless with my beautiful family! To me, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.
Nope, we are not done yet! Saw some nice Durian selling at the street, on our way home, how'bout dessert for dinner??? Yeh! Rich texture, thick flesh, sweet...just yummy
Haha, Angie love it, actually our whole family love durian!
Bear Bear Jelly
After shower, Angie still want to have her Bear Bear Jelly

Dinner with hubby on 30th August 2010

On Monday evening, hubby pick me up for dinner when he finished from work. We go near by for some simple and fast food for dinner. We both like to eat fish, around the corner was this restaurant call Fast Food Fish Head at Sri Petaling, serving nice steaming hot fish. We are not ordering fish head tonight, just Steam Tilapia Fish, Braise Pork Belly with Black Fungi and Stir-Fry Kangkung, our simple meal.
Total paid for dinner tonight, RM48 (for 2 person)
Steamed Tilapia Fish with Ginger paste
Fresh water wish, no mud or fishy smell, flesh was soft and the paste or sauce tasted just nice!
Stir-fried Kangkung with Belacan
Just like everyone else, we have our favourite vegetable that we always order at our dinner table, with like it cooked with belacan cause it goes very well with rice
Braised Pork Belly with Black Fungi
Recommended by the waiter, not bad, pork meat just melt in your mouth, gravy was full of spices aroma...ok can give a thumb up!

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