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DaPaolo Bistro Bar, SINGAPORE

Finally found the time to sneak in this review on "Dapaolo Bistro Bar" . Have been working an average of 15 hours a day the past three days. Now i understand what they mean by "peak period". But work aside, let me waltz you through this place. Dapaolo is situated at 3, Rochester Park. Most of the restaurants there are converted from bungalow houses. Which of course did a really good job in making you feel welcomed and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is about a 12 mins taxi ride from Orchard. It is near dover and commenwealth area. I think the trees and the old school feel of the bungalow makes this place really inviting and homely. As the name suggest, "Rochester Park" this area is surrounded by lots of trees and plants. So really there is a sense of calmness and serenity when you dine here. I took this picture when we left which was quite late in the night. That is why it is empty, there were definitely patrons sitting at those empty

Restaurant Salim @ Lintas

It was our late dinner after movie. Since Lawrence suggested to go Salim, we just tagged along. I never like Restaurant Salim as the food tastes were just average. I ordered a Roti Sayur dan Telur while Jack ordered a Mee Goreng.   The Mee Goreng was too salty and is nothing to shout about. I can find a better one elsewhere.   My Roti Sayur dan Telur ended up become Roti Sayur Lupa Telur. It was suppose to be vegetables and egg paratha but it was too bad that the chef forgot to add-in egg. I waited long enough for my food to arrive but it was full with disappointment. The taste is very bland even though it was dipped with curry's gravy. It was because the Roti wasn't crispy and it still have a very doughy taste. Anyway, I couldn't had expected much because it only costs RM9.80 in total including a Sirap Ice and Bandung Ice. Rating: Food: 2/5 Service: 3/5 Cleanliness: 3/5


Since I have no class in the morning, I'm quite lazy to go out but as a bread's lover, I suddenly craving for Oldtown's toast. Hence, I send a message to my sister and asked her to get some take-away from Oldtown. She bought French Toast and Butter and Kaya Toast. Honestly, the packaging are really appealing. The French Toast was pretty good. However, the kaya was lack of fragrant and was a little bit too sweet to my liking. The Butter and Kaya Toast was crispy but tasted nothing more than an ordinary toast. French Toast, RM4.90 Kaya and Butter Toast, RM2.90 Ratings: Food: 3/5 Services: 2/5 Cleanliness: 3/5

Seremban Seafood Restaurant @ Alamesra

We used to like the Baked Crab at Seremban Seafood Restaurant but it had been quite some times since our last visits. We heard that the restaurant had been taken over by a new owner and the food standard had eventually dropped. Since we need new resources to write our blog, we decided to find out the truth for our blog viewers. It was only me and Angeline having dinner today. We couldn't order much and have to give up on ordering crab as we doesn't have such a big appetite to finish all the dishes. Hence, we only ordered a Assam Steamed Fish( as usual) , a Stir-Fry Choysum and a Hot and Sour Soup. The Assam Steamed Fish tastes was appetizing enough. The gravy was sour with a hint of sweetness. Not to forget, the fish is fresh and cooked to perfection. My only qualm is it was a bit pricey. The Hot and Sour Soup was pretty good but nothing to write home about. They are quite generous with the Ham Choy (preserved vegetables) but not on other ingredients such as beancurd, p

Pak Ka Lok Food Park @ Wisma Merdeka

As we were not feeling well and don't felt like having lunch at Malindo after our massage, we decided to have some porridge at Pak Ka Lok Food Park. This shop have been well-known for its Pork Porridge. It is always crowded especially during lunch time. We were lucky enough to find some empty seats when we arrived. We ordered a Mix Pork Porridge, a Mushroom Chicken Porridge and a set of French Toast. The porridge are silky smooth and the taste is quite good. However, the Mushroom Chicken Porridge wasn't really filling as it contained only few pieces of thin sliced mushroom and some small chunks of chicken. Unlike the KL's Mix Pork Porridge, they doesn't serve fried pork intestines and instead only used the normal pork intestines which doesn't taste much appealing to me. As for the French Toast, it tasted average but I like it because it reminded me of my mom's home-cooked French Toast. Not the best but fulfilling. Mixed Pork Porridge, RM5.00 Chicken and M

GrandMama's , Pavilion KL

I am sure many of you have been to Pavilion and just get spoiled by choices. The easiest bet is to eat at the food republic located at the basement or perhaps try out the many different restaurants located within the premise. I decided to give Grandmama's a try. I was a bit skeptic about this place initially because it was supposed to be a less dearer version of Madam Kwan's . I am sure we have all heard of Madam Kwan and her famous Nasi Lemak but to be honest i still think my mom's nasi lemak is the best =) so i never did bother trying their nasi lemak . True enough, Grandmama's is opened by the daughter or grandson of Madam Kwan (my facts could be wrong but its definitely linked in some way or another). The place is nicely put together with an option to either be seated inside the restaurant or outside the restaurant where you can enjoy your meal and "people watch" at the same time. I reckon the setting is nice and good enough to have a decent meal