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As I was heading home from work, i walked past this relatively new burger joint that caught my attention. " The Handburger " with the very clean and simplistic decor. I expected premium price to be paid for the handburger and suprisingly, the prices were reasonable. It is definitely not comparable to those fast food joint like McD, Carl's Jr and Burger King. This was different to me, it oozes boutique burger. The decor and ambiance of the place is rather simple and non pretentious. Despite the openness of the place, you still get your privacy and wont be bothered too much with the crowd around you. We were sitted as soon as we walked in to the shop and placed nicely at the corner of the room. Menu was placed on the table right after we were seated. As we peruse through the menu, i realized that there was a wide variety of gourmet burger choices to choose from. So we both decided on having the burger set. My friend ordered " The works " with Calamari rings and g

Macau Trip (First Trip) - Day 1 and Day 2

Greetings from Cassie here! To all of our blog's viewers, I'm a new team member for these blog. Same as the rest of our team members, I'm a foodie and I love food. In this very first post of mine, I'm going to share my Macau Trip's experiences with you guys. Fyi, my sis and my bro-in-law were based at Macau for working purposes, so, I've eventually became a frequent visitor of Macau. During last summer, May'2009, I was there with my mom for a short holiday. Lately, I've been quite depressed with my life as everything doesn't goes really well. When my mom suggested a short trip to Macau, immediately I jump-off from the sofa and agreed. Dad was busy and wouldn't have the time to accompany mom during this trip, so, it will only be me and mom who's going to Macau and visit my beloved sister and bro-in-law. First day touching down at Macau, sis brought us some Portugese Egg Tarts as snack and bring us to a Dessert House for tong shui . Portu


Kedai Kopi Ilham Location: Near 7 Eleven and Sabah Lotto $ Ratings: Food: 4/5 Service: 3/5 Cleanliness: 3/5 Visit reviewed: 22/03/2010 It was well-known that Menggatal is famous with Ngiu Chap and Soto. We had blogged about the Ngiu Chap before but had yet to mention about the Soto. Kedai Kopi Ilham is the most popular shop for Soto and Mee Rojak at Menggatal. It was easily to spotted by the number of patrons in the shop. Soto Daging Campur, RM4.00 The Soto Campur was rich in beef flavour. For the price of only RM4.00, it comes with beef, beef tendons and beef 'stomach'. A good tip we found from other patrons, while having Soto, it is best to add-in some lime juice, chili sauce and dark soy sauce. However, it is an optional choice as the Soto itself already had a strong taste. Rojak Special, RM5.50 The Rojak Special was great. It is hard to find a good rojak in KK. It tasted like the Indian Rojak in West Malaysia but the ingredients used was quite different. Rojak Sp