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Pizza Hut "Saturday - Junk Food and Movie Day -Just Another Pandora Box" @ 1Borneo

Monica Thursday, March 25, 2010 , , , , , ,
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 20/03/2010
After a tiring week, it is always the best to catch up a movie and have some junk food to unwind and de-stress. 1Borneo is one of our favourite hangout spot because of it conveniency; hypermarket, cinema, eateries and variety of shops under one roof.

Since our movie was at 3pm, it only left us with less than an hour to have lunch. As Angeline was worried that we will be late, she made a confirmation with the Pizza Hut's staff to deliver the food on time before we dine-in. True enough, our food arrived in less than 20 minutes, it was really efficient.

Garlic Breadstick and Pepsi
Mushroom Soup
Although we knew that it was made from the 'supermarket-bought' instant Mushroom Soup, somehow, it is still a must-have dish when we dine-in at Pizza Hut.
XL Criscut Potato, RM5.70
The XL Criscut Potato was a good snack for fries lovers like us. Good to go with mayonnaise of chili sauce.
Chunky Loaded Pizza Set Meal for 2, RM30.90
The Chunky Loaded Pizza is one of their latest product. We were keened to try-it after we saw the banner at Citymall. It is claimed to have mouthwatering ingredients in all 10 layers; crunchy crust, napolitana sauce, mozzarella cheese, roasted veggie mix, tortilla crust, roasted veggie mix, beef topping, diced tomatoes, tortilla strips and mozzarella cheese. Sounds cheesy? Not really cheesy though. It was crunchy and fillings.
Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza (R), RM21
Honestly, it was my first time having Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza. It was good. Thin crust with lots of cheese melted on top. In every crunchy bite, I can tasted the cheesiness of the pizza with the beef, pepperoni, chicken meatloaf, capsicum, button mushroom, onion, pineapple and olive. Yummy!
Total paid for Lunch, RM66.24
After having a heavy lunch, it was time for movie. Just Another Pandora's Box is actually a comedy which is quite funny. The movie is more or less like a Disaster Movie to Stephen Chow's old comedies such as Kungfu Hustle, CJ7 and of course, A Chinese Odyssey. Also, the film combines slapstick humour revolving around movie spoofs (Red Cliff, Kungfu Panda, Titanic - just to name a few) with romance to creates plenty of ridiculously funny share of laugh-out-loud moment.

Today Meditation:
When we're helping other people, we're nourishing our soul. Depression or unhappiness means we've got the wrong goal. We have forgotten that peace of mind is our only goal. By concentrating on helping another person, we renew contact with our soul and with God. We can feel peaceful again. . . . Peace of mind has nothing to do with the external world; it has only to do with our connection with God. Love really is the answer. We're here only to teach love. When we're doing that, our souls are singing and dancing. When we remind ourselves that we are spiritual beings, that life and love are the flame eternal, that's when our soul is nourished.

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