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Royal Copenhagen, Takashimaya SINGAPORE

Snifff Wednesday, March 3, 2010 , ,
What's ROYAL COPENHAGEN breakfast like? Well if you arrive expecting to eat their delicious array of food, you'll be dissapointed because they only start serving them after 11.30am so anytime before that, you'll have to make do with their breakfast menu. So we did, albeit a bit reluctant.

As we were really early, the place was still empty and this is probably the place to come for coffee/tea high tea, girly catch ups, or just to rest your feet after shopping at Takashimaya.

My partner and I, we both had the breakfast combo which is S$16.90++ per person. You've got a choice of coffee/tea/orange juice. Two eggs of your choice with bacon and your choice of ham or sausage. The breakfast comes with toast, mescun salad, hash brown and grilled tomatoes. Its pretty complete. You have all your serving of carbs, protein, fats and ....okay what else do we need? Fibre?

My partner had the sausage combo with scrambled eggs. The scrambled eggs was light and fluffy and not too "jelak" even after a while. Some places, it can get too creamy.

The sausages were delicious and the bacon used was thinly sliced and pan fried crisp to perfection. You don't feel its too oily.

As for me, I like my eggs poached (just like some sort of sub conscious healthier alternative). I love poached eggs purely because i like my yolk runny.

The ham used was definitely off good quality.

This breakfast combo will definitely last you a good 6-7 hours before you start feeling hungry again. Well at least for us it did. But in the end of the day, I still prefer the good ol Kaya Toast and Tea for breakfast anyday. Perhaps yaw char kway too and black coffee.

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