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Foodcourt at Giant @ Indah Permai

Location: Right outside of Giant at Indah Permai
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 6/03/2010
Last week, I accidentally discovered a Foodcourt at Indah Permai but missed the chance to try it out. This week, we were back again for the food. Jack and I were very curious with their Fried Milk but too bad it was not available.
Since Kak Jan Nasi Lemak seems to be very tempting, Jack ordered one to try out.
Nasi Lemak with Ayam Kurma RM4
To me, the most important element of the Nasi Lemak is the sambal. The sambal here is good. Not too spicy with just the right hints of sweetness. The rice was a little bit cold, so, we can't really feel the aroma of the rice although we saw the pandan leaves in the rice pot. The Kurma Chicken was not bad as well.
Bakso Ping Pong RM3.50
The Bakso Ping Pong not only sound special, it tasted good too. The broth was tasty with strong beef flavour. The Beef Ball was springy.
 Martabak Jawa RM1.50 each
This time, we also bought some take-away home. Jack bought the Martabak Jawa and Kuih Terang Bulan while I bought the Pulut Panggang and sweet corn.
 Pulut Panggang RM0.50 each, Kuih Terang Bulan RM1.50 each
Sweet Corn RM1 each
I managed to snapped some photos after unpacking all the food.
Kuih Terang Bulan tasted good with strong margerine flavour and sweet peanut fillings.
The Pulut Panggang taste was just average. Very little shrimp's filling.
The Martabak was good. Even the vegetables were still crispy and nice.

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