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ToastBox, Singapore

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I've been a great advocate of "ToastBox" when it comes to tea, coffee and their toast! Their tea, coffee and toast beats OldTown Kopitiam anytime and those out there....but their food as in their dishes like the mee siam, laksa etc , i wouldnt recommend having it here. As the name of the place suggest "Toast Box" , they better be serving good toast!

The decoration and the theme of this franchise is same throughout Malaysia and Singapore! It is either done nicely in white and looking quite quaint colonial style or done in the brown wood good ol' kopitiam kampong style! Either way, you won't fail to recognize.

For the list of food and price you can click on the picture for a better view or perusal.

You will realize that all the "toastbox" chain will have that massive mountain butter that they actually use and dont worry about hygiene issue, because it is normally covered with a cone like lid when not in use.

Why do i fancy their tea and coffee so much? Well basically they grind their beans in store and the tea and coffee is freshly brewed. The tea leaves that is used suits my taste bud! Its not too strong nor too weak! The tea is mix with a good concoction of evaporated milk, condensed milk and hot water plue tea! If you want it thicker, just tell them "kao" in singapore ie. tea, evaporated milk and condensed milk...otherwise they will mix abit of hot water in it.

As for their coffee, "Nanyang Coffee", the roasting style is also known as – Coffee Torrefacto. In this local traditional charcoal roasting process, a small amount of butter is added to the mixture of carefully selected beans, roasted in a drum at approximately 200 degree Celsius. Ah sounds good enough!

I am a very very big fan of their peanut butter thick toast, kaya thick toast and chicken floss thick toast =) Thank you! The toast is nice and thick at about an inch thick and its nice and toasty/crispy on the outside but soft on the inside! A good layer of peanut butter is plastered on the surface !

Yes they cut the slice of toast into 9 cubes

Its a good 1 inch toast! It taste heavenly with chicken floss too! They normally drizzle some condensed milk on it!

Their ham and cheese toast is also good! Nothing too fancy smancy but it does a very good job in starting your day! A layer of butter is spread on the bread before it is being toasted! Hence the nice golden colour.

I will definitely recommend this place for the simple pleasure in life! A good ol' cup of tea/coffee and savour on the toast! Perhaps throw in the soft boiled eggss! It will definitely start up your day and fill your tummy well! You can have it for lunch or tea time.

Oh well, i also like Paparich Kopitiam. I think Paparich serves food food and their toast is good as well however you have to spread your own butter and kaya or peanut butter if you order the thick toast... they also have steam bread! Which i heard is fantastic as well.

Wait up for next review on the Legendary Chicken Rice! Is it really legendary?

As confucious once said "It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop"
It is just basically telling us to not give up in anything we do or what we strive for in everyday life, sometimes the journey may be a long and tiring/difficult process but so long you don't give up, you'll definitely reach your goal one day!

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