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Discovered yoga in 2004, while working as a fitness instructor in a well-known gym in Asia.Growing up with a weak body and inactive lifestyles, suffering from overweight, asthma and scoliosis, Monica decided to change her lifestyles and signed up as a member in a gym under the guidance of Angeline, who was a professional personal trainer cum fitness manager. Soon after she adapted to her new lifestyles,going to the gym had became one of her routine. She worked as a part time fitness instructor in the gym while pursuing a full time professional accounting course. Although weights training and cardiovascular training have improved her health, it wasn't a complete work out for her yet.With the encouragement of Angeline, she took up a yoga session in the gym and it was like a love at first sight to her.

Her yoga journey begins when she joined the largest yoga studios in Asia. Intergrating yoga practice in her daily life not only improving her health and physical body.but also bring lightness in her mind and improves her hot temper and softens her heart into peace and harmony. She is a graduate of the Shivaananda teacher training program in 2005, and is grateful for the opportunity to share her love for yoga with others by being one of the youngest teacher in the largest yoga studios in South East Asia. Since then, she had continued to studies various different styles of yoga from different teachers. She had attended workshops and other teachers training programs to deepened her knowledges.
Due to her diverse knowledge of her teachers, Monica had a wide range of expertise in yoga. Trained in classical Ashtanga yoga style, Vinyasa style,yin yoga as well as Pilates, Monica's focused is on building the core strength and deepening the awareness of the relationship between the body, the breath, and our state of mind. She teach precise awareness of alignment in the postures, through the medium of graceful, flowing sequences in synchronize with the breath. Her style is both meditative and enlivening,balancing the active and passive sides of our nature.
Experiencing a bad body posture due to scoliosis,she has always had a keen interest in finding the optimum ways of working to produce strong and pain-free backs and hips. Monica's highly regarded as Remedial,  deep-tissue and trigger-point therapy massage therapist. Her skills of massage therapy and her long relationship with yoga have produced a special understanding related to postural limitations, and how to work in yoga to promote optimum results.
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