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ARIRANG Restoran Korea @ Api Api

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Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 20/01/2010
Okay, if you ask me, I'm not really a fan of Korean food. However, besides seafood, Korean food is also a must-try food in KK. There are plenty of Korean restaurants in KK and so far, from what I had tried, the tastes were not bad. There are a lot of Korean people staying in KK and because of that, Korean restaurants and Korean markets come in handy in KK.

We went for food hunting at Api - Api area and found Arirang Restaurant Korea. It is operated by a Korean lady who is quite friendly and can speak BM fluently( quiet impressive yah!!). I heard that the restaurant had been opened for quite some times and they have some regular customers including Korean and Japanese.
Jab Chae, Kimchi and Soup of the day
Our first dish was the Jab Chae. Compared to Supul's dishes which had actually been alter to suits the tastes of the local here, the Jab Chae at Arirang was lighter and it doesn't have any meat. Only assorted of vegetables fried with tunghoon (mung bean noodle). The taste was good. Very light with a mild aroma of black pepper.

Jab Chae, RM18.00

Seaweed and white raddish Soup
The soup is free. Taste wise, not bad. We had ordered the Sam Ge Tang, so we didn't finished the soup.

Potato Kimchi
The Potato Kimchi tasted like our Chinese cooking, Potato cooked with Onion. Quite nice.

This is good too. Not very salty and quite appetizing.

Raddish Kimchi

Green Chilli and Ikan Bilis Kimchi

Fish Cake

Salt and Black Pepper for Ginseng Soup

Local Rice

Sam Gae Tang (Ginseng Kampung Chicken Soup), RM45.00
We waited quite long for the Sam Gae Tang as the Korean lady said it take some times to cook it. However, it was worth the wait as it was good. Milky with strong chicken taste. The ginseng taste was mild. The soup was cooked with Ginseng, Kampung Chicken, chestnut, glutinous rice, garlic and red dates.

Dinner, Total bill: RM66.00
We were lucky as the lady said it was a special day and we were served with a special drink throughout the end of the meal. Sorry that we forgot to take the photo. We don't really know what drink it was but it had some red dates and some ginger taste. According to the lady, it is good for digestion.

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