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Cafe Promenade Buffet @ Promenade Hotel- 2nd Visits

Cafe Promenade Buffet,
Promenade Hotel,
No.4, Lorong Api-Api 3,
Api-Api Centre, 88000 KK, Sabah.
Tel: 088- 265 555

RM65++ Per person for weekend Lamb Roast Buffet

Rating: 2.7/5
Food: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

Visits reviewed: 29/11/09, 16/01/10
Promenade hotel is one of my personal favourite to have buffet dinner. And with their new internal deco now complete, it would add to a very great dinning experience. Very commendable for promenade to add that nice touch of changing backlight at their main entrance. This is certain to create an iconic hotel, noticeable even at a distance.

The first round of chicken rice was barbequed with sweet and savoury marinade

Some of their dish do taste nice. Their curry beef ribs, kurma chicken and chinese style lamb tasted good. Although their use of chicken meat could improve as, it was sauce that was doing all the singing, while the chicken sang flat out of tune.

They did have nice assortment of desserts and overall, I love the new decor.


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MimieJay said...

After you first review I was excited to go to eat at Promenade for Xmas.. but I go on the the whole time I had to console myself that Xmas is over that's why the quality isn't there..Reading your second review made me even mad!

I prefer pre-renovate.. as my father said..all the money go towards the renovation. :P

EugeneC said...

Have you tried Le Meridien's buffet? They had this seafood buffet which I went few years back, dunno if it's still there though.. I think that was like 1 of the best hotel buffets I've had in KK...

$ronco$ said...

Thanks for all your comments. Yes Mimie, the pre-renovation buffet was better. Although I don't know if the renovation has anything to do with it. But if you go by logic, I think your father would be right.

Eugene, yes few months ago we went there and they still have that seafood buffet. You can always call 322238 to check the theme of their buffet before making a reservation. And it is also in my opinion, one of the better place to have buffet

Anonymous said...

I have tried the seafood buffet at Le Meridien 2 months ago and it is really not worth to pay RM80++ per person. Well...STAR, even more expensive and most of the items more suitable to foreigners and local people like us. I have been eating out in few hotels around KK quite often, eventhough the Promenade Cafe the food is not that consistant....but still the best among the others. My last visit on Sunday for the buffet high one can fight with them in terms of variety.

Anonymous said...

I agreed. Promenade beats the others with quantity, but failed in quality. As a buffet lover, the food just too inconsistent, apart from 2 or 3 items of malay style food, others r just below par. the only place i go just for 1 round of everything, then couldn't pick what food to go for the 2nd round. what a pity.... Meridien doesn't have too many variety, but just enough to satisfy my apetite. The quality is consistently good in KK. No matter what theme they have, you'll always see nice seafood and dessert around. just taste the smoked salmon, the Promenade's really sucks. Promenade's salad even worse. Just look at their faces and buffet presentation, I can't see they got the "heart"....

Anonymous said...

Promenade's buffet is the worst in KK. People who like to eat their buffet just go for cheap stuff.. or they just like foodcourt standard food.
I even heard people like the dessert. man.... yikes!!!!

Anonymous said...

currently there is no hotels in KK that can provide buffet up to the standard on how much $$$ we pay them in return... just compare it with some 5 star hotels in KL or Singapore that charge us with the same charges.

blogger said...

It all looks delicious! May I take one bite from every bowl ??

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