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Borneo Backpacker Lodge @ Gaya Street

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This shop is located at the same row of shops making rubber stamps and business cards. It adjacent to the KK police station. The restaurant is also known as "the museum" due to the WWII relics, information and trivias that can be found all over the interior.

This laksa, although tasty and full of umph!! Lacked that creamy texture due to the absence of coconut milk. You could attempt to smuggle one and pour in it yourself. But be careful not to be spotted, otherwise you'll offend the cook.

It is also worth to note that, it does get salty after several spoonfuls.

Food: 2/5
Service: 2.5/5
Cleanliness: 2.5/5

The other day, Monica brought home some Nyonya Dumpling from Shirley. Before she eat, we managed to snapped a few photos of the dumpling. It was good. Very special dumpling as it is quite hard to find good Nyonya Dumpling.

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Hi... Thanks for your guidances.. It makes us to go as soon as possible..

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