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Suria Food Court - 3rd Floor @ Suria Sabah

Angeline Sunday, January 17, 2010 , , , , ,

The other day, after our massage, instead of having lunch at Wisma Merdeka, we decided to check out the new food court at Suria Sabah. The food court had just recently opened on the 8th of January 2010. Meanwhile, only few stalls were opened. Not much choices. However, the outdoor seats are attractive as it has a nice sea view.

Roasted Chicken and Chicken Char Siew Rice, RM7
Elaine ordered the Roasted Chicken and Chicken Char Siew Rice. It tasted nothing more than an ordinary chicken rice. Nothing special but at least they used Nasi Minyak (sauteed rice) instead of white rice. In addition, they serves Chicken Char Siew which can hardly be found in KK.

Economy Rice, RM7
I ordered the Economy Rice from Warung Puteri. It cost RM7 for three dishes (2 veggies + 1 meat). The taste was not bad. I quite like the curry chicken. The Assam Fish's gravy also tasted quite nice. 

Roti Telur and Tandoori Chicken, RM8.70
Angeline was attracted by the Indian's stall. She ordered the Roti Telur and Tandoori Chicken. Taste wise, just so-so. Very filling.

Other Stalls that are on operation at the food court

Indoor Tables and Seats

If you seat outdoor, this is you view
Food: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Self Service

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Terence said...

Been such a long time since I had roti canai. Really miss it. The prices at the food court looks pretty decent.

Angeline said...

I'll bring you for roti canai in KL, Taman Desa, my favorite indian restaurant, great tandoori chicken and roti.

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