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S-1-8, 1st Flr, City Mall, K.K.
Tel: 088-447129
Hours: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Food: 5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

Visit reviewed: 12/01/2001

Korean B.B.Q. Supul Restaurant had opened at Citymall for quite some times but since we were not really a fan of Korean food, we have never thought of giving it a try. Due to the heavy rain last night, we decided to just settle down at Citymall for dinner and Korean food have come to our minds. As I remember some of the gym member told me their services are lousy, I guess not anymore, they had improved, now the menu also had add on English and their waiting staffs also will recomment which dishes to order if you are unsure.

Starter, Kimchi (F.O.C.)
Right after we made our orders, some Kimchi were served as the starter. There were three types of dishes; stir-fry mix vegetables, fried bittergourd with egg and kimchi(preserved vegetables). Not bad but not great either.  

Bi Bim Bap(beef), RM12.00
Our first dish was the Bi Bim Bap which is a must-try dish as it is one of their signature dish. A mixture of vegetables, beef/pork and a fried egg was serve together with the rice in a non-sticky hot pot. The ingredients are stirred together with the gochujang(chili pepper paste) thoroughly just before eating. It was like the Korean style of claypot rice. It was delicious especially when you bite through the crunchy rice that stick to the pot.

Galbijim Beef (S), RM28.90
Coming up next was the Galbijim Beef. The portion is quite small but it is definitely something that you wouldn't regret ordering. The beef is very tender. The thick gravy which tasted sweet and savoury with a hint of wine taste was good to go with rice. We polished off the whole dish. 

Sam Ge Tang (M), RM30.00
Sam Ge Tang is another signature dish for Supul Restaurant and most of the Korean's restaurants. It contains Ginseng, chestnuts, glutinous rice and chicken. The soup was great and it tasted like it was boiled for long hours. The ginseng taste was mild, so it will be quite acceptable for those who hate strong Chinese herbs taste. 

Jab Chae, RM12.00
Jab Chae was highly recommended by the waiter so we obliged. It is actually fried tunghoon (mung bean noodles) with beef and vegetables mixed with fried eggs. It had a strong black pepper taste and it suits our taste buds. Overall, this dish was considered good.

While me and Angeline still taking pictures, 2 dishes already start to clear up

 Korean Pancake (F.O.C.)
As the lady owner saw us taking photos of the food, she offered us to try the Soju (Korean beer) for free but we politely rejected. Then, we were served with some Korean Pancake. There were 4 types of pancakes but wasn't really sure the ingredients except one of it which tasted like the Chinese's spring onion pancake. The pancake itself was tasteless but the texture was chewy. Before we eat, it was to dipped with Korean soy sauce I guess to bring out the flavour. I personally love the white pancake cause it tasted like our Chinese "Chung Yiow Ping" spring oning pancake.

Table no.13- 4person (2 Rice, RM4 and Water, RM4)
Total paid for tonight dinner, RM95.45

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