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O'Gambinos Irish Italian Bistro Bar, Raffles City Mall, SINGAPORE

Snifff Wednesday, January 27, 2010 ,
A very good way to enjoy your Sunday evening is probably to hang out with your close friends and just chat about everything under the sky. Singapore on a weekend is crazy with human traffic and if you have an intention to go out and shop, please be prepared to queue and queue and queue.
Not too long ago, my friends and I decided to try out this new joint in town. It is situated at Raffles City Mall which is just opposite Raffles Hotel and easily accessible by alighting at city hall mrt stop.
The name of this place is called " O'Gambinos" and it is an Irish Italian Bistro Bar... perhaps a bit of an identity crisis here but if you are getting the best of both Irish and Italian, why not?!

I love the barrels that were being used as a bar table. However, it is a bit difficult for ladies to seat (Try imagine seating on the high chair with your legs open, probably a bit unsightly. Which means you have to seat cross legged sideways, a bit uncomfortable). The place is nicely decorated with simple furnishing. It is welcoming and comfortable. Doesn't feel too cluttered with decorations.

Piper Heidsieck is basically a Champagne House from the Champagne region of France. If it is not from Champagne, it would be called "Sparkling Wine". The word Champagne is exclusive for Champagne from the Champagne region of France!
Currently they are produce 6 different kind of Champagne
1. Cuvée Brut (Composition: 55% Pinot Noir (PN),15% Chardonnay(C),30% Pinot Meunier (PM).)
2. Rosé Sauvage (Composition: 45% PN, 15% C, 40% PM.)
3. Cuvée Sublime (Composition: 55% PN, 15% C, 30% PM.)
4. Brut Divin (Composition: 100% C.)
5. Brut (Vintage 1998) (vintage) A special release from a year considered exceptional by Piper-Heidsieck.(Composition: 55%PN, 15% C, 30% PM.)
6. Cuvée Rare (vintage) (Composition: 35%PN, 65%C)
How is Champagne / "Sparkling Wine" different from normal white/red wine?
The main difference is the fizziness/the bubbly effect which is caused by the carbon dioxide.

We oredered the traditional pizza "the classic ham and pineapple".
I guess this would be the Italian portion and i did very much enjoyed my pizza purely because of the paper thin crust. I much prefer this kind of base as compared to the thicker doughy version that you get from Pizza Hut or some commercial Pizza Chain. Taste wise, it was good and definitely cheesy enough. But it was nothing to shout about.

See what i mean by the very thin crust?!
We also ordered the Squid Ink Linguine
This is very much Italian and I don't know many places that serves this. Literally it is made out of squid ink! You squeeze the ink out from a whole squid. You can use the ink for cooking or printing.
This is a really well made dish. The flavours blended really well! The linguine was cooked to al-dente and the prawns were not over-cooked (if it is - you know how it can get tough?)
It was rather difficult to capture the true colour of the dish but it is somewhat black/green
note: Please do not order this dish if you are out on date trying to impress a girl or guy.
It does not only stain your tongue but also your teeth ! But nothing that cant be rinsed off with some water or wine

We also ordered the house wine which is "Espiritu De Chile" from Chile. It is a white wine "Chardonnay". This wine tasted very fruity like with a tinch of vanila.

Sorry there are no price indicated for any of these dishes because (my bad: i forgot) ! =)
But it was reasonably priced.
Food blogger - failed!
I would like to end this post with this lovely quote i read from Kyle Maynard
"We should never shy away from the challenges that face us out of fear of failure or an unwillingness to battle the odds. We should confront our problems head on and make no excuses."

Kyle Maynard is a former American award-winning wrestle born with congenital amputation of the forearms and lower legs.
Most of the time, we give ourselves excuses for any difficulties or failures we faced as it is just ways to hide in our fear. We think they keep us safe, but they really keep us locked up and far from where we really want to be. Taking on a philosophy of "no excuses" is freeing. And it's never as scary on the other side as we think it's going to be! Therefore, please do not give up if you are faced with difficulties and problems in life. If he can do it, so can we.

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Angeline said...

I really like to read your post, haha, always with a sense of humour. Thanks for the lovely quote. We are so lucky to have you in our team :)

Snifff said...

Thanks Ange, likewise! =)
I am thankful that you included me to be part of your team!

Russian Cuisine said...

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maslight said...

Squid Ink Linguine will kill my appetite.

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