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WAGAMAMA Japanese Restaurant @ 1Borneo

Angeline Monday, January 11, 2010 , , , ,

Well, this was my Sunday dinner place. Hmmm I'm not a big fan of Japanese food in KK, cause I don't think I can find any good one that can compete with KL, for me most important Japanese food must be very fresh, that's why you don't see me ordering any raw food here, judging by the colour of the fish...big no no for me. But since I don't blog enough of Japanese food, I decided to eat here so I can blog about it. Coming February me and Monica are going back to KL for Chinese New Year, this time I really want to blog about Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant-famous right now and Sushi Zanmai at The Garden-good and cheap, Kajang Satay, Restaurant Sri Murni in PJ and some great Hawker Stalls.

Sorry, back to Wagamama, I remember Wagamama in UK is a famous chain noodles restaurant many branches around UK. Wagamama in KK have 2 branches, another one in Lintas. Nothing much to say, taste alright, value for money, sushi on the moving conveyor belt pricing start from Purple-RM2, Yellow-RM3, Green-RM4, Grey-RM5, White-RM6, Light Orange-RM8, Red-RM10, Orange-RM12 and Black-RM15.

Tori Kimchi Ramen, RM13.80
Yasai Itame, RM8.80

Salmon Head Teriyaki, RM12.80

Dinner, RM41.85
Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

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EugeneC said...

If you want the best Japanese food in KK, no doubt the best is still Nishiki.. The food there is comparable to KL ones in my opinion.. It's more of an authentic Jap food compared to fusions like Zanmai..

Angeline said...

Thanks Eugene, I went for Wagamama because it was convenient for me, near my home and I also left the best for last. Will go Nagasaki, Nishiki and Japanese Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel soon :)

Anonymous said...

Dont think this is the UK-chained Wagamama?

Anonymous said...

Dont think this shop is the franchise of UK-chained Wagamama?? Logo is different by the way.

Anonymous said...

there is a japanese restaurant in warisan square next to secret recipe (in 2nd floor).. sorry, i cant remember the name but i think their food is quite nice as well...

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