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Sun and Moon, Central Clarke Quay

Snifff Monday, January 11, 2010 , , , ,
It has been a week since my last post and forgive me for not updating as regularly as i should. I am really going through a busy period and thankfully i managed to get some decent meal over the weekend.

I am glad that I have friends that can actually tolerate me taking pictures when I am out with them. Every time when the food arrives, I'll go eh wait ! Need to take pictures for blogging material =p ... they quietly obliged!

Last weekend, after the crazy new years weekend! I met up with a friend for dinner at a Japanese joint. As the title suggest, it is indeed Sun and Moon. I have heard from a few friends that they do serve the freshest sashimi in town or at least fresh enough to be ranked! I love my sashimi so it was vital to give it a try to see if the "freshness as claimed" is true or far from it!

The place is located at The Central in Clarke Quay area. Nice ambiance and view definitely but may i suggest that you make a reservation on weekends as it gets really packed. Thankfully, after th crazy new year weekend, no one came out to play so all the restaurants were rather empty.

This is the view from the outside of the restaurant.

You can opt to have indoor or outdoor seating but like i said before, given the option, I'd much rather choose to be seated outdoor than inside. Purely because it gives a more relax feeling and after all, the weather was cool that night.

Good view from the inside of the restaurant when you look out. On normal days, it would be pack with people walking around.
The extensive selection of wine and liquors.
To accompany our meals, we had the house pour for wine and beer. It was happy hour until 8 pm, so make sure you get that before the happy hour is over, and i ended up having two glasses of white to finish for the normal price of one.
I am a big big fan of agedashi tofu and i think the tofu was very good. $6.80

My friend and I we both ordered like a bento set meal which came rather promptly. I was definitely spoilt for choice so i randomly picked a set meal.

"Wagyu Karubi Don and Dobin Mushi $24.80"
Basically it means grilleed wagyu sliced beef served in a rice bowl with the teapot soup.

The teapot soup which was filled with mushroom.
"Sashimi Moriawase and Unagi kodon $25.89"
Miso soup which i prefered more than the teapot soup. Purely because this had so much flavour in it,

Ahh down came the Sashimi ! The freshest sashimi I've had so far in Singapore! Look at the colour and brightness of the salmon! Yummersz!

Unagi...well acquired taste i guess but i love my unagis too!
It was a simple meal, nothing too special but at the same time comfort food to the heart and to the tummy =)

This was the highlight of my night! No really ! I have always squeam of the thought of Japanese Tofu Cheesecake! But i was proven wrong! This is so good and light and i guess not very sinful if you are on a diet! It was came presented looking so elegant! Well at least to me! Nicely caged =)

Just by the look of it you can tell its light and not very dense but taste wise ! SUPERB! Now I am also on the hunt for good japanese tofu cheesecake! Which means this makes it two to the least! Tiramisu and my tofu cheesecake!

Oh well I shall end my post with this quote i got from my dad this morning
"Life is too short to live in the past and worrying about the future, live in the present and it shall link you to your past and your future, as happiness is health and health is happiness"
I'm slowly adding on my new years resolution which is to care less and worry less but find happiness and do things that make me feel happy!
The quest of good food continues!
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