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Restaurant Ngee Lee @ Kingfisher

Angeline Sunday, January 10, 2010 , , , , ,

Saturday, after I done teaching 2hrs yoga and 1hr Studio Cycle, I took a shower at the gym and make a move home. I tought of just eating bread at home cause I am too tired to think of where to go for lunch, but then I remember near my home there's one restaurant serving good roasted meat, so I decided to have my lunch here Restaurant Ngee Lee, located a few shop away from Restaurant 818. Monica wasn't feeling well today, she went to the clinic early this morning, I replaced her yoga class and now eating alone. If you're crazy about Roasted Duck, I think this restaurant serve the best one in KK, well this is according to mine, Monica and Danny tastebud, hmmm 3 of us give the same ratings. If you don't mind the drivng distance to Kingfisher, give if a try then and let me know what you think or how you rate this restaurant food. Most of the patrons are regular, the lady boss seem to be very friendly to the regulars.

Mixed Roast Duck and Char-Siu Kon Lau Noodle, RM6 ( Must try their noodle, nice texture and absolutely delicious )

Bitter Gourd with Pork Ribs Soup, RM3.00

Business and roasting skill passed on from father to daughter

Pricing for Roasted Meat on the wall. I always order their whole Roasted Duck for Family Reunion dinner on Chinese New Year
Food pricing are reasonable, can considered quite cheap or value for money
Food: 5/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

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Terence said...

Kon Lou Mien with char siew. So long I did not eat that already. Really miss it. I think I am gonna have that for breakfast tomorrow. :) Also like siew yoke too. Yummy!! Only problem is the skin of the siew yoke is fattening (which unfortunately is the best part).

Angeline said...

Never mind, once in a while only you eat unhealthy, have enjoy your food sometime. KL Kon Lau Mien better. I also like siew yoke skin...crunchy

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