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Nagasaki Japanese Restaurant @ Gaya Street (Bangunan Harrison)

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Another Japanese restaurant at KK comes under scrutiny. This time, its Nagasaki Restaurant.

The restaurant has probably one of the most authentic decor, with very clever use of red lighting. However, we're not here to talk about interior designs.

Bar and Sushi Bar

Waiting Lounge
Starter: Potatoes Salad (Included in the Set Meal)

We were served with Potato salad as starters. The salad was light, probably from the use of low fat mayo.

Nabeyaki Udon, RM15

One of our dish was Nabeyaki Udon. The udon was springy, and the soup was sweet and savoury. Nothing to write home about.

Sukiyaki Course (Australia Beef), RM38
Our next dish was the Australian Beef sukiyaki which is soupy beef with rice. A raw egg is given to you, and all you need is to pour the egg over the soupy beef. At first taste of the beef will send some sweet and savoury taste to your brain. Very good indeed. But after several spoon fulls of the soup, the sweet taste  tend to become a little bit intolerable.

Dinner Course (Set Meal), RM25

The last dish is a set dinner bento consisting of sashimi, tempura and deep fried oyster. The sashimi was tuna sashimi but it was not as firm as I would expect it to be. Tempura was nice and crunchy, and the accompanying sauce was sweet and tasty. The oyster was too pungent to my liking. 

Sashimi and Jelly Fish

Deep Fried Oyster and Tempura

Fruit (F.O.C.)

Dinner Set Meal for 3 person, Total paid: RM86.90

My only qualms for this restaurant is the use of cheap rice. With the kind of price they charge, short grain Japanese rice is expected. The overall taste of their food was also nothing to shout about. Despite that, its still a nice place to dine due to its comfortable dining area.

Ratings: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness 4/5

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