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Blk I, 1-49-G, Grd Floor
KK Times Square, Phase 1
Coastal Highway
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-486100
Reservation: 014-659 1710
Food: 4/5
Services: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Visit reviewed: 22/01/2010

Recently we were into Korean food and Japanese food. We are trying to look for the best Korean food and Japanese food in KK. Based on our experiences, each Korean restaurant in KK have their own unique taste. It is quite hard for us to decide which is the best.

We had tried Bi Bim Bap, Sam Ge Tang, Jab Chae and Grilled Pork from different Korean restaurants and each of it have their own recipe and own unique taste. This BBQ House in KK Times Square is also operated by Korean. The prices of the food are average, depends on what you order. Some is expensive and some is reasonable.

Sam Ge Tang, RM52
The soup was quite nice and very light. The ingredients included half chicken, ginseng, red dates and garlic. Normal portion with quarter chicken, only cost RM26 but we ordered a bigger portion which is enough for three person and it cost RM52.

Grilled Pork, RM23
The Grilled Pork was nice. It was crispy and fragrantly good. Even though there was a layer of fats in every pieces of pork, it doesn't has the oily taste that make you feel disgusting after few bites. This is actually best to be eaten with the Cabbage and the Bean Paste Sauce which was one of the dish we ordered.

Cabbage and Chili Bean Paste Sauce, RM6
The cabbage is fresh and the bean paste sauce tasted good. When eaten together with the Grilled Pork, it was a well combination. We love the dishes.

Bi Bim Bap, RM17
The Bi Bim Bap included a variety of vegetables, beef, fried egg and gojuchang (chili pepper paste). Compared to Supul, the Bi Bim Bap here has a stronger taste. It was quite spicy. It was quite tasty.

Jab Chae, RM15
The Jab Chae here had more ingredients and I can hardly see the tunghoon. The taste was not bad. A lot of vegetables and chicken meat. The sesame has successfully bring out more aroma to the dish. However, I tend to get bored with the taste after a few bites. So far, I find that Arirang had the best Jab Chae as they used the Korean tunghoon and the taste was light with a mild aroma of black pepper.

Refillable Kimchi and Side dishes





Pickles Chili


Dinner, Total bill: RM124.30

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EugeneC said...

The Korean restaurant at Warisan Square above Maxis is also not bad... But my personal favourite is still the one in Lintas! Their bulgogi n bbq beef r still the best among all the others~

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