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Wan Soon Hin Coffee Shop @ Inanam

Wan Soon Hin Coffee Shop
Same row of shop lots with Sport Toto at Inanam.
From 6.30am - 6.00pm, Off-day(not sure)


Rating: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

Visit reviewed: 17/01/10

This unassuming hawker is not one to be belittled. Of course, after seeing the amount of crowd present at lunch hour on a weekend, demeaning this shop was the last thing on our mind.

 Laksa RM4.50
This laksa was simply fantastic. Coconut milk was poured at the last minute, hence the white substance you see at the top of the bowl. The magic happens when you mix it up, which creates the umph! that you need.
 Roasted Chicken Rice Rm4.50
The chicken rice is also one of the better ones that I've tasted, although it does get a little salty consumed on its own. That is where the rice comes in, fragrant buttered rice fused with the chicken is just so delightful to your taste bud.

We would also like to highlight that they serve mixed rice (nasi campur) and the twist is, they serve the dish with the same fragrant buttered rice, the same one as the chicken rice. Now how about that!! 
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EugeneC said...

Haha.. This brings back a lot of childhood memories.. When I was young I always have their economy rice and roast duck rice/noodle because I live around that area... Their roast duck used to be really good n famous, their duck breast was more expensive than duck drumstick lol.. But as inflation continues, the prices was getting high so, I stopped going there since many years ago.. I wonder how's their standard now lol..

Monica said...

Their roasted duck, kon lou mian and char siew was sold out on that day..It was only 12.30pm..I will definitely be back again to try it.The food are nice..I like the Laksa, it was good.

Cheah said...

There used to be a good chicken rice stall in Foh Sang run by a husband & wife (where the Old Farm Drink house is now). Their rice had infused garlic and over the chicken they would put chunky fried garlic. I loved it. But the last time I went there they were no longer there. Any idea where there are now?

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