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Kedai Kopi Friendly @ Damai

Monica Saturday, January 2, 2010 , , , , , ,

Angeline and I have fell sick, unable to teach classes today. After trying hard to complete the 8.45am yoga class, Angeline was almost knocked-out. As we were leaving the yoga studio, gym's member suggested us to try Clinic Dr. Kong at Damai. Waited for 2 hours before it reached our turn.

Feeling totally wear out after meeting the doctor, we couldn't walk far to find a place for breakfast. Hence, we stopped by at Kedai Kopi Friendly for breakfast. Since Angeline was very hungry, she ordered some Yong Tau Foo and a Fish Head Noodle. Due to my gassy stomach, I lost my appetite and felt like vomiting after each time I burped. I just ordered a Mix Fish Noodle (Yu Chap).

As the stall is actually selling Economy Noodle and the Yong Tau Foo are just the side dishes, you wouldn't have expect much on the taste. True enough, the taste was just average except that the Fried Fish Cakes was better as they added-in some five-spice powder to bring out more flavour.

Side order, RM4.00

The Fish Head Noodle and Mix Fish Noodle was nothing to write home about. The serving portion is big and the price is cheap. The fish is quite fresh but the soup just tasted so-so. For each bowl of noodle, they will give you some limes to add-in. I had tried adding in some lime juices to my soup and it did bring some extra flavour but still, not outstanding enough to ignites my taste bud.

Mix Fish Noodle Soup RM5.00 , Fish Head Noodle Soup, RM6.00

Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5 Best Blogger Tips


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