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HANA Japanese Restaurant @ City Mall

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Hana Japanese Restaurant is one of the 2 japanese restaurants available at City Mall. The other being Sushi King.

1st item on the list would be Salmon Usukuri Don. The Salmon was a bit unevenly cut, but tasted fresh nonetheless.
Salmon Usukuri Don, RM22.00
Unagi Kabayaki Set, RM28.00

Next up is the Unagi. This fish was burnt at all the right places and marvelous sweet sauce to complement it. The chawanmushi was also very creamy and tasty. 
Salmon Teriyaki Set, RM25.00

The Salmon Teriyaki was not a disspointment too. Salmon was well done but did not retain those pungent smell. 
Saba Steak Set, RM19.00

The Saba Steak was also tasty and meaty. It also had a rather nice gravy to boot.
Dessert, Green tea Ice Cream, F.O.C.
4 Set Meal + 2 X 100Plus, RM8 + 2 Ocha, RM2 + 1 Water,RM0.30 + 10% Service Charge, RM10.43 Dinner, Total paid RM114.75

After the dinner was done, they even served up some green tea ice cream that was sweet with a slight bitter tang.

Overall this is a good japanese joint to go to. The rice that accompanied our meal were the original japanese short grain variant.

They also have some great decor, especially that rather large fish tank with some exotic fish species swimming around.

Ratings: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

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