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Bukit Padang Fish Head Noodle @ Bundusan

Early in the morning after our classes, we went to Beverly Hills. Exactly next to Restaurant 131, there is a stall selling Fish Head Noodle and Tom Yam Prawn/Fish Noodle. By the roadside, you'll see a banner writing ''Bukit Padang Fish Head Noodle''. We never try the Fish Head Noodle at Bukit Padang before, so I couldn't give any comment whether it is really famous.

Anyway, we went there for breakfast and ordered a Fish Head Noodle Special and a Tom Yam Fish Noodle. As recommended by the boss, the Fish Head Noodle Special we ordered, was a mix of fried fish head and fresh fish head. Taste wise, just average. Nothing to write home about. As for the Tom Yam Fish Noodle, it was kind of special. I can tasted a strong lemongrass flavour from the Tom Yam soup. It was fragrantly good, not too sour with a hint of sweetness. With the extra condiments of coriander's leaves and onion's slices, the Tom Yam Fish Noodle was flavourful. It reminds me of Penang Assam Laksa. My only qualm was the fried fish tasted a bit too dry.

Tom Yum Fish Mee, RM6.00

Fish Head Mee Hoon - Extra, RM8.00

2 glasses of KitChai (Hot), RM3.00

Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

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MimieJay said...

It's called Bukit Padang because it was original located at Bukit Padang near the church but due to some reason the whole place is being emptied.

I used love their Fish Head Noodle but not during my recent trip..I don't know if I want to go back..

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