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Foodcourt @ Wisma Merdeka

Going for massage have been included in our must-do list for quite some times. Every Monday, without fail we will go to Wisma Merdeka for massage. However, it was quite unbelievable to found out that our usual masseurs trying to avoid us. Maybe we are really too hard-core. Anyway, after our massage, we passed-by the foodcourt and saw quite a lot of people eating Pan Mien. And Yes, of course we will give it a try!!

This deco look familiar??? Delicious Cafe in KL, used this for their deco as well

We ordered our Pan Mien at Quan Quan Noodle House. For your information, the stall also serves Yu Chap and Porridge. I guessed it is a halal's stall as I can see a signboard writing Serve-No-Pork. Next to the stall is the vegetarian's stall that used to be at the foodcourt before the renovation. It had re-open now.

It is very rare to find Chicken Pan Mien in KK and my friend, Fara, once told me that she was enlightened when she found out that Oldtown serves Pan Mien. I'm not sure about the tastes at Oldtown but I can say that this Pan Mien is quite good. Although chicken broth was used instead of anchovy's broth, the broth was thick and full of flavours(but i still prefer the old styles, anchovy's soup). The serving portion is quite big and you can find quite a lot of condiments such as fried anchovies, fish cake, fried wantan, mushroom and chicken chunks. The noodle's texture was actually not bad but somehow, I felt that it was lacking of something. I will prefer the noodle to be thicker and to be more chewy.

Pan Mien, RM5.50

Pan Mien, RM5.50

ABC Dessert, RM3.50

Before we headed home, we ordered some take-away from Ah Lim Penang Prawn Noodle. This is another famous stall for Prawn Noodle. Stay tune as we will blog about it soon!!

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
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Elsa said...

Hey there, thanks for reviewing food available in KK. Would like to try the pan mien one day.
Also, I would like to know about massages available in KK. Any to recommend especially the one you visited often? What are the price range?
Thank you :)

Monica said...

Thank you Elsa, for supporting our blog. Yes, if you browse thru our blog, I have a few post about massage place that I recommended, the one I always go is in Wisma Merdeka. Check it out!

Aya said...

Yeyyyy!!! Pan Mien~ Pan Mien~ Pan Mien~~~~ I'll go there tomorrow for lunch!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~ TQ Monica!!! Muaks! Muaks! Muaks!

Helthy Diet Meal Plans said...

Good work Monica,for updating this blog.

Monica said...

Aya: I know u will love it!!

Healthy Diet Meal Plans: Thanks for supporting!!

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