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New Diamond Restaurant @ Foh San

Lot No.1, Luyang Phase 3, P.O.Box No. 10813
88809 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 088-258157, 216281
Fax: 088-239346

Hours: 5:00pm-2:00am

Food: 3/5
Services: 1/5
Cleanliness: 1/5

Visit reviewed: 13/01/2010

Last night, our classes finished up late. We left the gym at 9pm. Not really sure where to go for dinner and we ended-up at New Diamond Restaurant. Although it was quite late, the shop was still crowded. Few tables were left unclear even after the previous patrons left. We were there for about 10 minutes just to wait for the waitress to clean up the table and take our orders but we were left being unnoticed.Finally Elaine took the courage and went to the counter, urged the waitress and get things done.

Pai Kuak Wong (Pork Ribs King)
One of our dish was the Pork Ribs King. Taste wise, just average. The pork ribs was fried till crispy and covered with sweet and savoury sauce. It was boneless.

Tofu with Minced Pork
The Tofu with Minced Pork was quite big portion. Nothing to write home about. Tasted like a home-cooked dish.

Stir-Fried Choy Sum

Fried Noodle
As we saw quite a few tables ordering Fried Noodle, we opted for one too. It was definitely not bad. It had the savoury aroma, just like a good Char Koay Teow which was fried with fierce fire. This dish considered the best dish of the night (for us). 

Steamed Tilapia with Bean Paste Sauce
Fish was fresh and well cooked. The sauce wasn't so nice but not bad though. Just not outstanding nor appealing enough.

Dinner, Total Paid: RM55.30
Overall, the food was just average. Not really sure why people are willing to tolerate patiently with their slow service without a single complaint. The only reason I can think of is their long operating hours which last till 2am.

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Anonymous said...

owww....Diamond..our childhood favourite place...the fried meehon and fried crab balls(Hai Kim in cantonese) was really good...

Gilbert Wong said...

They have been famous for their poor service job. :( Food only tasted so so..

Monica said...

Anonymous: Will try their fried meehoon and fried crab balls next time :D

Gilbert Wong: I heard about their poor service job from people around me too.

Anonymous said...

One of my Fav Resturants in KK since i was a Kid, still go there everytime Im back home in KK. U just need to know what to order, goes without saying it's like with any eateries. For me Love their Lemon Chicken and Black Pepper Venison.... Just the thought of it, UhHhHhHHH !!

Monica said...

Ok, thanks. Will order your favourite dishes and try it out on my next visit :)

Anonymous said...

If you can put up with the poor service, lack of parking and long wait, food actually is alright. I would probably prefer da bao takeaway rather than dine in. My favourite of this restaurant is fried mee hoon as well :)

Charles said...

Ppl opt for Diamond Restaurant because of the consistency (not surprise cooking) although the service is lausy. Most of the patron were regular and bringing some1 there for dinner, you can expect exactly what you order and the price is honest. I still dine there on occasions. You should try their "asam prawn meehon" and "kon lau mee".

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