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Restaurant Wang Seng @ Inanam

Located near Restaurant Kim Fah at Inanam, this Restaurant Wang Seng is actually quite new in that area. Being unsure about their food, we decided to check it out. We took a survey before we made out order. Most of the patrons were having rice and few tables had ordered their Curry Chicken.

We were unsure when making our orders and the lady boss recommended us some dishes that are available. Not much dishes available and we are quite out of idea of what to order, so we ordered a soup, a meat and a vegetables. As usual, hot and sour soup and fried Sabah vegetables with eggs. Then, we ordered the Curry Chicken which seems to be one of the popular dish.

The Hot and Sour soup was very light. Moderate taste. Not bad but not great either. The ingredients included mushrooms, chicken, ham choy (preserved vegetables), tofu and eggs. The portion is considered quite big for two persons.
Our second dish, the Curry Chicken. Look very appetizing. The gravy is quite watery but the taste was quite nice. Not very strong curry taste and not too salty. Besides having potato as the condiment, the chef also added some brinjal and long beans. 
 As for the fried Sabah vegetables, it was nothing to shout about. Nice but still, it is just a fried vegetables. The whole meal cost only RM23.50 including one Kit Chai drink and Chinese Tea. Being the prices are cheap, there is nothing much to complain about as in overall, the food wasn't bad at all. Pretty average.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

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