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Restaurant Juara @ Inanam

Located near Maybank's branch at Inanam or more specifically, near Shin Chin Tyre Shop as well, Restaurant Juara is one of my favourite place to take-away Chicken Rice. Despite the rival's stall is just located at the opposite of Restaurant Juara and Restaurant Macau Chicken Rice is also just located around the corner, the Chicken Rice at Restaurant Juara is still selling like hot cakes. There was once when I dropped by to get some take-away before I headed home after work and I found out that the Chicken Rice was sold out. I was surprised!
The Chicken Rice cost RM4.00. The rice itself was fragrantly good and flavourful especially when it is still warm. The roasted chicken and steamed chicken are not a disappointment too. Nothing to complain about. I've tried both but preferred the roasted chicken. The chili sauce was not bad as well, not very spicy, a little sourish with a hint of sweetness.  Not the best Chicken Rice I ever had but still considered better than a lot of the stalls in the town. However, I found that their standard is not very consistent. Sometimes the rice is lumpy, sticky and mushy and sometimes the chicken is cold. Other than that, I still quite enjoy their Chicken Rice.

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
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