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Pan Mee @ Damai

This morning we went to Damai for pan mee . The restaurant is located near Mr. Bread. It is a corner shop lot and most people only go there for pan mee . We forgot to take a look at the signboard but we are sure that the restaurant is not Xiang Xiang Pan Mee. I ordered a kon lou pan mee special and Monica ordered the soup pan mee special. This is our second time visiting the restaurant. I have tried the soup pan mee and it was pretty good, so, this time i decided to try their kon lou pan mee. Without disappointment, the kon lou pan mee tasted good too. The price for our pan mee is RM4.50 each. Ratings: Food: 4/5 Service: 3/5 Cleanliness: 2/5

Fratini Italian Restaurant @ Warisan Square

Went to Fratini Italian Restaurant for lunch after our Fat-Burning and Therapeutic Stretch classes and 1 hour of spinning. Although the restaurant have been operating in Warisan Square for quite some times, we have never try it before, not even once do we have the urge to check it out. Not because of the reviews of the restaurant is bad nor expensive, just because we have never think about Fratini when we feel like having Italian food. Mixed Salad (tasted average) Seafood Soup (too salty and the seafood doesn't taste fresh) Quaterly Filled Pizza (the tasted is not bad and I actually like it) It costed us RM65.45 including 2 drinks. It is worth a try but I'll only be ordering the pizza if there is a second time. Ratings: Food:2/5 Service: 4/5 Cleanliness: 4/5

Hawker Stalls @ Tanjung Aru

One of Jack's friend recommended the burger at the hawker stalls in Tanjung Aru. The hawker stalls area was located behind the Tanjung Aru Plaza and next to the police station, just go in from the Tanjung Aru Plaza carpark and go straight to the end and you'll see it. This evening, I went there for dinner together with Monica, Jack, Danny, Christine, Elaine and Katherine. We all were tempted with the Big Mouth Burger sells at one of the hawker stall which was also the one recommended by Jack's friend. We ordered two Big Mouth Burger, one with chicken patty and another one with beef patty. They have plenty of hawker stalls there which sells pizza, soto, tai chow,satays and bbq chicken wings. Big Mouth Beef Burger with add-on egg RM10 (it is enough for three persons and it tasted good, but the bread is a bit too thick) the burger looks bigger when you compare it with Danny's head Big Mouth Chicken Burger RM9 (the beef burger tasted better, this is a little bit salty)

Ramadhan Food Bazaar @ Asia City

In KL, the most happening Ramadhan Bazaar was in TTDI and Shah Alam. In KK, when you mentioned about the most happening bazaar, they will suggested you to go Asia City. Despite the rains, we went to Asia City Ramadhan Bazaar to explores (because it was the last day of the bazaar). It was our first time visiting Ramadhan bazaar in KK and it was good enough to fulfill our curiosity. We bought a lot of food from the bazaar and have a feast at home. The food is cheap and most of it tasted good too. BBQ Chicken wings, chicken gizzard and fishes Another stall selling the same stuff Selections of kuih to choose Fried noodles and nasi campur Assorted kuihs Colourful drinks Ikan bakar (price vary from the fish you choose) Selections of dishes for nasi campur Kuih terang bulan (known as apam balik in KL) and murtabak Colourful drinks to ease your thirst Sotong kangkung (this stall also selling nice nasi kuning ) Sugar cane drinks, coconut drinks and favo

Malindo @ Wisma Merdeka

Whenever we go Wisma Merdeka, the only place you will see us having our lunch is Malindo. We love the nasi campur here as the dishes are uniques( some of the dishes is quite different from KL style ) and nice. They do serves other food such as mee goreng, pasembur, curry noodles and etc. The shop is at the 3rd floor of Wisma Merdeka, located outside the food court and if you go there during lunch time, you will never be wrong as you will see people lining up at the nasi campur stall. The crowds are very obvious compared to the opposite restaurant which also sells nasi campur . Selection of dishes to choose for nasi campur fried chicken,hotdog,nuggets,eggs,ulam and our must-have fried fish the food is selling like hot-cake during lunch time Another things to mention is the prices. If you are eating nasi campur , the prices varied by the dishes you chose and it will costs around RM7-RM8 for about 4 dishes you chose. Ratings: Food:5/5 Service: 4/5 Cleanliness: 4/5

Ramadhan Buffet @ Le Meridien Hotel

A must-try during Ramadhan is the buffet serves in hotels. We heard about the best Ramadhan buffet this year is in Le Meridien Hotel. Jack made an early booking the day before and we went there together after my evening class. Too bad that we forgot to ask Christine to lend us her member's card for discount, so, we have to pay the full price of RM75++ per person. However, the buffet is good enough to satisfied our appetites and our cravings for meats. Besides Malay food, they also serves Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese dishes the view from the main entrance chinese dim sum and snacks corners selection of ulams drinks corner japanese food corner selection of salads Indian food corner Ice cream from vedablu and the add-on available hawkers stall area ABC stall roasted lamb that almost finish( we were there late) local kuihs satays fresh seafood to pick for BBQ BBQ fish and squids BBQ prawns my first attempt my special dessert Rating