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Ramadhan Food Bazaar @ Asia City

Angeline Tuesday, September 15, 2009 , , ,
In KL, the most happening Ramadhan Bazaar was in TTDI and Shah Alam. In KK, when you mentioned about the most happening bazaar, they will suggested you to go Asia City.

Despite the rains, we went to Asia City Ramadhan Bazaar to explores (because it was the last day of the bazaar). It was our first time visiting Ramadhan bazaar in KK and it was good enough to fulfill our curiosity. We bought a lot of food from the bazaar and have a feast at home. The food is cheap and most of it tasted good too.

BBQ Chicken wings, chicken gizzard and fishes

Another stall selling the same stuff

Selections of kuih to choose

Fried noodles and nasi campur

Assorted kuihs

Colourful drinks

Ikan bakar (price vary from the fish you choose)

Selections of dishes for nasi campur

Kuih terang bulan (known as apam balik in KL) and murtabak

Colourful drinks to ease your thirst

Sotong kangkung(this stall also selling nice nasi kuning)

Sugar cane drinks, coconut drinks and favourite ABC

Beef satay, chicken satay and lamb satay

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
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