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KL Food Trip Day 2 - Kim Gary, Italiannies, Krispy Kreme and Happy Season

Angeline Wednesday, September 2, 2009 , , , , ,
Jack and I woke up at 7.30am while Angeline woke up earlier than us and went to the gym for an early workout. Jack wanted to have an early breakfast at Kim Gary, so, we went there and ordered a french toast set and a macaroni soup with eggs set. Both of the sets comes with a coffee/tea.

French toast (I managed to take the photo only after Jack took a bite)

Macaroni soup with eggs and toast

After the breakfast, we hang around at Midvalley waiting for the shops to open but it was still too early, so, we decided to head back to our house and take a rest.

During our lunch time, Jack, Angeline, my brother and I went to Italianies. Another scrumptious meal we had. We ordered a peperonni pizza, a smoked salmon pizza, and a meatball spagetti to share. The portion of the food is more than enough for 4 persons to share.

Peperonni pizza (we were too hungry and forgot to take photo)

Smoked salmon pizza

Meatball spagetti

You won't regret dining at Italianies if you like Italian food, we really love it!! And believe me, the meatball is huge!!

Food: 5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

After a heavy lunch, we decided to take a walk at Midvalley and do some window shopping. Suprisingly, Jack saw Krispy Kreme and insisted to try, despite the long queue.

He ate three doughnuts right after he bought it.

First attempt; Chocolate doughnut

Second attempt; Cappucino doughnut

Third attempt (sorry,forgot the name of the doughnut)

My brother told us that there is a special restaurant which have four season in Wangsa Maju and offered to bring us there for dinner. It was a long journey to go Wangsa Maju, it took us an hour to reach there and all of us just feel car sick. The restaurant is called Happy Season and they used four season as a theme. The most special area in the restaurant is the winter area and so, we chose to sit-in at the winter area. Except the blue lighting and low-temperature air-cond, there is nothing special. The services were slow and the food were bad. It is just more like a place for youngster to have a drink and long chit-chat.

Because of the lighting, we can't take a clear photo. This is actually a fried rice(on the left) and a fried udon(on the right)

Indiana chicken chop

Mixed grilled stone rice

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