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Hawker Stalls @ Tanjung Aru

Angeline Friday, September 25, 2009 , , , , , ,

One of Jack's friend recommended the burger at the hawker stalls in Tanjung Aru. The hawker stalls area was located behind the Tanjung Aru Plaza and next to the police station, just go in from the Tanjung Aru Plaza carpark and go straight to the end and you'll see it.

This evening, I went there for dinner together with Monica, Jack, Danny, Christine, Elaine and Katherine. We all were tempted with the Big Mouth Burger sells at one of the hawker stall which was also the one recommended by Jack's friend. We ordered two Big Mouth Burger, one with chicken patty and another one with beef patty. They have plenty of hawker stalls there which sells pizza, soto, tai chow,satays and bbq chicken wings.

Big Mouth Beef Burger with add-on egg RM10 (it is enough for three persons and it tasted good, but the bread is a bit too thick)

the burger looks bigger when you compare it with Danny's head

Big Mouth Chicken Burger RM9 (the beef burger tasted better, this is a little bit salty)

Little chef special pizza RM10 (from the Little Chef Pizza stall, the pizza bread tasted good but not recommended to order little chef special pizza, maybe can try out other flavour such as hawaian chicken or peperonni)

the pizza comes with a soup (but it was too salty and no one willing to drink)

fried prawn RM20 (Danny already eat few before this photo was taken, it tasted good and the prawn is fresh)

my ABC without milk and soft drink

Danny's order; Fried rice special

fried rice special (look nice but doesn't tasted nice)

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
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