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Malindo @ Wisma Merdeka

Angeline Tuesday, September 15, 2009 , , ,

Whenever we go Wisma Merdeka, the only place you will see us having our lunch is Malindo. We love the nasi campur here as the dishes are uniques(some of the dishes is quite different from KL style) and nice. They do serves other food such as mee goreng, pasembur, curry noodles and etc.

The shop is at the 3rd floor of Wisma Merdeka, located outside the food court and if you go there during lunch time, you will never be wrong as you will see people lining up at the nasi campur stall. The crowds are very obvious compared to the opposite restaurant which also sells nasi campur.

Selection of dishes to choose for nasi campur

fried chicken,hotdog,nuggets,eggs,ulam and our must-have fried fish

the food is selling like hot-cake during lunch time

Another things to mention is the prices. If you are eating nasi campur, the prices varied by the dishes you chose and it will costs around RM7-RM8 for about 4 dishes you chose.

Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
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