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Ramadhan Buffet @ Le Meridien Hotel

Angeline Thursday, September 10, 2009 , , , , ,
A must-try during Ramadhan is the buffet serves in hotels. We heard about the best Ramadhan buffet this year is in Le Meridien Hotel. Jack made an early booking the day before and we went there together after my evening class. Too bad that we forgot to ask Christine to lend us her member's card for discount, so, we have to pay the full price of RM75++ per person. However, the buffet is good enough to satisfied our appetites and our cravings for meats.

Besides Malay food, they also serves Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese dishes

the view from the main entrance
chinese dim sum and snacks corners
selection of ulams
drinks corner
japanese food corner
selection of salads

Indian food corner
Ice cream from vedablu and the add-on available
hawkers stall area
ABC stall
roasted lamb that almost finish( we were there late)

local kuihs
fresh seafood to pick for BBQ
BBQ fish and squids
BBQ prawns
my first attempt

my special dessert

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