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Dinner at Night Market, Taman OUG, KL

Since I'm off tomorrow, I ask mum not to cook tonight cause I want to have some "Pasar Malam-Taman OUG" junk food, haha, my favourite. I got home at 8:30pm, pick up mum, then we go Pasar Malam. Mum still go for her Char Kuey Teow, I wanted to have Pan Mee but no seat available so I just gonna have Assam Laksa and Popiah tonight. Asam Laksa, RM3.80 Not too acidic for the stomach cause not too sour, lovely and filling Chrunchy Popiah, RM3.40 Pandan flavor popiah skin, crunchy fiiling and great sauce.... yummy popiah Char Kuey Teow, RM4.00 Mum said tonight Char Kuey Teow taste exceptional nice, savoury wok taste and lots of clam.

Contributed by Bobidom: Japan Trip - Part 1 - Tokyo to Fukui

Previously, i thought that my trip to Japan, tagging along with my mom's ministry's educational visit would be a boring one. And now, I'm back home, with a smile on my face *and painful knee* , wishing I was there longer =P It was a 8 days, 7 nights trip from Tokyo - Fukui - Tokyo by the way... So since there's so much experiences, stories and photos to share, i'm gonna split up the posts part by part (as usual). Here goes~ :) +++++ After an almost 5 hours flight from KK to Tokyo via MAS, we arrived safe and sound at the Tokyo Narita Airport at about 8pm Tokyo time. Our journey to Okura hotel took around 40 minutes. Along the way, I saw Disneyworld, the Tokyo Ferris Wheel, Tokyo Tower and other clean & beautiful night views of Tokyo. They reminded me much on all the J-drama / Animes i watched before. At that moment, I still can't believe I've stepped my foot in Japan XD *dogok betul* Nadia & Cici Nadia & I at the Okura H