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"Angeline Leaving Kota Kinabalu", McDonald @ KKIA

Monica Wednesday, May 12, 2010 , , ,
It is the day when Angeline is departing from KK to KL. Many of us gonna miss her badly. I, myself will need some times to get use to going to work alone and eating alone : (

Early this morning, I send her to KKIA. We were there 2 hours earlier, so, I manage to have breakfast with her.
My gum was swollen due to heatiness and it was so painful that I need to take medical leave from work. I try to look for some less heaty food and finally, decided to ordered the Egg McMuffin Set.
Big Breakfast
Angeline ordered the Big Breakfast Set and topped-up to change the drink to Ribena. Taste wise, it was okay. We love English Muffin but can hardly find in KK and our only option is McDonald.
Egg McMuffin
I love the Egg McMuffin. Back in KL, Starbucks and San Francisco also serve Egg Muffin. I skipped the Hash Brown because I couldn't eat any deep fried food.
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