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Contributed by Fara aka Bobidom; 10 Days Vacation - Fifth Stop - KL Part 2

Blog_For_Fun Saturday, May 29, 2010
Now that I had my healthy home made lunch,
It's time to conclude my 10 days vacation post.

After we got back from Genting, Mars, Serena and I went on our separate ways for another 3 days to meet our other friends staying in KL.

As usual, BB, Rina and I continued our vacation with more food hunting.

First stop, Pavilion.
I was craving for my Nasi Ayam Chee Meng behind Low Yat plaza,
but since we were too hungry, we ended up at Ichiban Boshi instead.

Unlike Zanmai Sushi, the taste was so-so.
Nothing to shout about.
But they do have a lot of variety and the price is reasonable as well.
I was also VERY VERY VERY happy to meet Aleen and Amad after few years of not seeing each other!

After chit chatting and gossiping (of course), they offered us a ride back to our hotel. *hugs amad/aleen* unlike someon
While waiting for Aleen to finish her Masters class the next day,
BB, Rina and I went to KLCC for more food hunting & book shopping.

For our lunch, we had it at Madam Kwan's Restaurant.
Nasi Lemak RM10+

Nasi Bojari RM21+

Chicken chop RM21+
If you're in KL, do try Madam Kwan's Restaurant.
The price maybe a biiiiit pricey but it's totally worth it and the portion is BIG.
My personal favourite would be the Nasi Bojari.
It was very delicious :)
I also bought Cecelia Ahern's latest book called The book of tomorrow at Kinokuniya. Yey!!!!
In the evening, Aleen drove us to IKEA ^_^ *squeaaaaals*
I couldn't decide between Sunway (to get my hands on My Honeymoon Dessert House), 1 Utama or IKEA at first.
Since I HAD to choose, and that not much time left, I chose IKEA instead XD

When we arrived at Ikano, I squealed when I saw a stall selling a soft Japanese crepe that i plan to eat in Japan.
Without thinking, i ran and buy the strawberry flavour miahahaha XD

It was soft and creamy indeed.
And this Japanese soft crepe is famous in Japan!

Of course, I'll get even better taste and bigger portion when I step my foot there in another 2 weeks! XD

Before our main masak2 session inside IKEA showroom, we all stopped by IKEA cafe for our dinner.
The Daim cake is too sweet for my liking.
I passed the other 3/4 for BB to finish XD

Now... it's cam-ho time~~~

I almost forget how fun it is to cam-ho.
And Aleen is the perfect partner for it. LOL!

Thank you Aleeeeeeeennnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugsssss*

Since we had no real plans the next day,
Rina decided to browse around Sg wang and Time Square for more books/toy shopping.
By my special request, BB & I went to my favourite Nasi Ayam Chee Meng behind the Low Yat Plaza.
Oh kerabu mangga~~~ I'm so in love with you.
BB has this habit of asking me "So who loves you? ^o^" whenever he fulfilled my wish or found the food/item I was looking for

In Mid Valley, Rina went on to watch her Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D for the price of 1.
BB & I on the other hand went to watch Kick Ass~~~!
Surprisingly they didn't censor the Fuck word at all, including the adult scene XD
(only very few).

For dinner, by my special request AGAIN, we went to Nando's.
Initially, all 3 of us were not so happy with the way the waitress was serving us.
But who knows, when we were waiting for our bill to come, she suddenly fainted in the middle of the walkway @[email protected]

It was a scene definitely.

Could she be exhausted? dehydrated? headache?
or maaaaayyybeee she's pregnaaaaaant~~~~ (ok.. this is a bit too exaggerating :P)

I guess that explains the unfriendliness.

Hence, we forgive her XD

On our last day in KL, we met BB's cousin Tak wai for a HEAVY breakfast.
Tak wai brought us to Kampung Baru to eat Nasi Lemak.
At first I thought, since he's a businessman, maybe he's not that open minded.
But I was wrong.
He was so sporting, he even asked us to act like a wedded couple and become our tour guide and photographer XD
Tak Wai then drove us to KL Tower .

It was my 2nd time visiting the KL Tower,
but the first to enter their mini zoo and the racing car display room.

Next, to Istana Negara for BB & Rina to see.
LOL. I pity the bodyguards coz it was such a hot day XD
I love the cute horse though :)

Thank you Tak Wai!!! :)

After saying goodbye to Tak wai, we headed off to Pavilion to tapau some Cup Cake chic for Mei and my family and then grabbed a taxi to Time Square again (taxi fare = 3 ppl on monorail just in case you're wondering).

And we had our late lunch at Wendy's for the 2nd time :)
Wendy's spicy chicken is the bomb.
After McD spicy chicken, i couldn't find any other fast food restaurant that sells the same fried chicken as spicy as McD.
Now, here's another list to add if you're a spicy lover XD

So that concludes our my 10 days vacation.

In truth, I don't miss KL that much.
But I do miss my friends there and Penang coz there's more food i have yet to try.

And you know what else we haven't thought about during our visit to Penang?
Mars said it's just nearby our hotel!!!
Siao! =_=

Oh well. Till next time then :)

Hopefully if I'm not busy, I'll be dropping by KL again in July for the International Toys Fare in Mid Valley.
In another 2 weeks, I'll be flying off again to Japan ^_^ *insyaAllah*

Okay~ back to work!

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