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Food City (Pan Mee) @ Kolombong

Food City
Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 16/03/10, 21/03/10, and 17/04/10
Tonight, Jack and I can't think of a place to dine. He was craving for the Hiong Tai Mee while I was craving for something soupy. Hence, he drove me to Food City for dinner.

I ordered the Pan Mee from the City Western Food stall. The stall had a sign written "Serve No Pork". Two choice of Pan Mee are available; with mixed fish or minced chicken. I chose the Pan Mee Soup with Minced Chicken.
Pan Mee RM5
Taste wise, it was so-so. Nothing to shout home about. Since I was craving for something soupy. This is just good to fill-up my stomach.
Jack always like to eat the same type of food from the same stall. He is not a risk taker. He ordered the Deep Fried Yee Mee from Joy Fine Taste Corner.
Deep Fried Yee Mee RM4.50
The Deep Fried Yee Mee was fragrantly good. You can tasted both the crispiness and the springy texture of the noodle. The smooth gravy goes well with the noodle but doesn't make it become soggy at all.
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