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Kahve @ 1Borneo, KK

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Location: Kahve 1 Borneo, Lot G-820 Ground Floor, 1 Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu,Sabah.
Phone: +6088 448897

We posted an entry on Kahve some many months ago. However that was at Kunchai, KL. Now the Kahve we are referring to is at 1Borneo, KK. We're not exactly sure when they started operation in KK, but suffice to say that it is rather new. Located on the ground floor just facing Watson, the classic midwestern facade will attract your attention, as it did to ours.
Ice Lemon Tea (Including in the Set) + Sparkling Water with Ribena RM5.80
Set lunch is comes with entree soup and a choice of watermelon juice or iced lemon tea. The soup was a  little thin and we mistakenly thought that it was from a can(it was from their own recipe as claimed by the Kahve1Borneo Team) but no complains as it is basically free. (the price of a-la carte and set menu is the same, during what I assume is the promotion period).
Mushroom Soup (set lunch package)
Potato Salad RM3.80
The potato salad was big and chunky yet still soft and perfectly boiled. Mixed around with bits of mashed potato, onion and ground pepper brings out nice flavors to liven up a dull tuber.
Chicken in Tomato Sauce RM8.30
Our main course consisted of stir-fry linguine with boneless back quaters. The pasta was cooked just right, retaining its spongy texture, while the grilled boneless back quarters was crispy on the outside, yet still retained some moisture inside the chicken. The slightly sour sauce is a nice accompaniment to the savory chicken.
Fried Chicken Whole Leg (Set) RM11.80
The fried whole leg chicken was also tasty. Chicken was the same with the pasta, crispy on the outside and juicy inside. The mashed potato was creamy with generous serving of butter mixed into it. My only complain  was that the brocolli was too overcooked and pale.

Overall, we're quite happy with the food and nice decor. However, we prefer thick sauces on our food, while theirs is a bit diluted. Another thing good about this place is the fast and prompt service from its friendly staff. Our seats very just started to warm when all the food arrived. 

Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Below; Few pages of the Menu
Interior of the cafe
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Y1 said...

We opened on 1 May without much fanfare!

Thank you for visiting. We note your comments with interest and will attempt to improve!

Btw, the it is boneless back quarters, not breast! :)

The Kahve1Borneo Team

Monica said...

Thank you for your comment. I already made an amendment to the post.

By the way, we was there when your team of people doing the photos shooting for the food.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monica for responding.

I also noticed that you mentioned us being on first floor but we are actually on the ground floor (the address you stated is right).

About the soup of the day, it is not from a can. It is our own recipe. A little thin I know as compared with ala carte menu soup. Shall try to improve on that.

Thanks & Cheers

Kahve1Borneo Team

Herman said...

The story behind this brand is also interesting. its about 4 youngster with ambition to be young entrepreneur.learn more of their story at facebook/[email protected]

maslight said...

I had my share of it last week. Lunch set is nice, very nice indeed. If only there's a pasta set hmm

Monica said...

maslight: what have you tried?

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