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KFC - Junk Food Day and Movie "Once a Gangster" at 1Borneo

Monica Monday, May 24, 2010 , , ,
It was the second weekend without Angeline around. We missed the days we were together during weekend, enjoying fast food and movie together. Hopefully everything goes well and we will be together in KK again very soon.

Jack wanted to continue our normal weekend routine. After doing our own cycling workout, he drove me to 1Borneo for lunch. We try the Black Pepper Crunch at KFC.
Snack Plate - Black Pepper Crunch
Compared to Hot and Spicy, the Black Pepper Crunch tasted much more spicier. The black pepper taste was strong. However, it lacks of some flavours. In addition, the colour of the fried chicken was quite pale. We still preferred Hot and Spicy which looks more appealing and tasted more flavourful.
After lunch, we went window shopping. Didn't planned to watch movie but when we passed by GSC, we suddenly felt an urge to catch a movie like we used to be, together with Angeline. So, we watched Once a Gangster.

Once a Gangster is a dark comedy. You will probably like it if you like the old time 'Young and Dangerous'. However, I think that the storyline was a bit boring and the 'dark jokes' wasn't really funny.
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