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Sofia Pizza House, Brunetti - Camberwell, Melbourne

Clarice Saturday, May 8, 2010 , , , ,
Address: 857, Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124 VIC.
Tel: (03) 9882 1142

Highly recommended : -

This was a dinner treat by Simon and his wife, Juliana. On the day we were back from Great Ocean Road, 27th March 2010, Simon treated us to this nice and reasonable Italian restaurant. We got back to Mei's house around 7pm from Great Ocean Road. After everyone got ready and changed, it was already 8pm+. At first, I thought the restaurant was just nearby. We reached the restaurant around 9pm, almost an hour drive again from Point Cook. This restaurant is located at the North of Melbourne City, which is nearby to Simon's place Boxhill, but further from Mei's place Point Cook. In order to get to this restaurant, it is a must to pass through City. Expected as well for Friday night, the traffic in City was jammed and all the way through, I was STARVING and believe me, I was as hungry as I could eat a COW. :)

Finally, after all the traveling hassle, we were in our destination - Sofia Pizza House. According to Simon, this restaurant not only serves very nice and delicious Italian food, but the price is also CHEAP and the serving is HUGE!!!!!!!!

I only had a simple glance on the menu and price as Simon was the host and I just couldn't bother much bout the rest. I only need FOOD at that moment. Simon has ordered pizzas, pastas (expected food for an Italian restaurant right?) and garlic bread for all of us - mind u, it was 10 adults and 2 infants.

I could only remember the prices for pasta is less than AUD20 per serving while pizza is less than AUD16 per pizza.

Here comes our yummy food : -

Hawaiian Pizza - very YUMMY with lotsa of pineapples and ham. Everyone's FAVOURITE. We managed to finish it.

Can't remember the name of this pizza. Bit it served with lots of hams and spaghetti tomato sauces. We didn't manage to finish it. Ended up took away more than half of this pizza.

This is the same as the above pizza, but with minced beef. It was meant for meat lovers. Every bite of it was full of meat taste. Very GOOD. I like this more the above one, more meaty taste and lesser tomato taste. Didn't manage to finish this too. Took away also.

In fact, this pizza was not in our order. It was supposed to be another more Alfredo Pasta but guess the waiter took the order or overheard it wrongly. Anyway, since we were already hungry, we decided to take it and forgo the Alfredo Pasta.

Risotto - I LIKE this very much. This risotto was very flavourful with lotsa of parsley. I like and could take the parsley taste and to me, very tasty. But some didn't like it due to the strong parsley taste. We managed to finish it coz me and my uncle loved it so much as if we couldn't have enough of it.

Spaghetti Bolognese - very yummy too. The spaghetti tomato sauce that they used was definitely not those that we could get in supermarket. Tasted more like they cooked their own spaghetti sauce. BIG serving. We didn't manage to finish it.

GARLIC BREAD - very very special. Never seen and tasted this kind of garlic bread before. Believe or not? We had already eaten half of this garlic bread, it was actually a PIZZA SIZE garlic bread. The bread was thick and they put on generous amount of garlic and butter on top. Every bite was full of garlic taste but not oily at all. Even my aunties commented they need KOPI-O to go with the bread. So nice. Price wise, only AUD5 for this pizza size garlic bread. HUGE right?

This is actually next to the entrance to the restaurant. This guy was kneeling the pizza dough and "throwing" it the same technique as Indians do for the roti canai. We just enjoyed seeing him kneeling and throwing the pizza dough... haha... and the business of this restaurant is so good that he need to kneel and throw non-stop too. According to Simon, reservation is a must if you need to dine in, else you need to wait real long for a seat. Even the restaurant was busy all the time with patrons, service was still very quick and efficient and food was served to us in less than half an hour time.

A video of the guy "throwing" the pizza dough, looked very EXPERT right? The funny thing was he was also enjoyed showing us his "throwing" skills when we all gathered there and watched him doing it. :)


Next to our parking lot, which was a street away from Sofia Pizza House, there was a very posh cake dessert shop named BRUNETTI. When we got down from our car, Mei already told me we should try this after the dinner as the cake and dessert here is very nice.

Anyway, the time when we finished our dinner, the shop was already closed and we all were too full that we couldn't fit any dessert in. So, I could only take photos of the cakes. By looking at them, my saliva was already dripping. I have typical sweet tooth and dessert lover :=)

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