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McDonald, Iron Man2 (Movie) @ 1 Borneo and Restoran Seafood (Dinner) @ Likas

Monica Tuesday, May 11, 2010 , , , ,
Last weekend, we watched Ip Man 2 and planned to watch Iron Man 2 on this weekend. Another movie that was in our must-watch list. As usual, weekend is always a day for fast food and Jack will be the decision maker. Since we were still early and still eligible for the McDonald lunch time value meal, Jack chose McDonald.
Angeline and I ordered the Ayam Goreng McD Spicy Set while Jack ordered his all-time-favourite Big Mac Set. We enjoyed each other company and the food tasted much more tastier. Unfortunately, next weekend onwards, it will never be the same again. Angeline will continue her food blogging in KL while I will still focus on KK food. The Ong's sisters will have to stay apart for a while ;)
After lunch, we managed to check out the PC Fair at 1Borneo. Compare to last year, the PC Fair at 1Borneo is more successful this year. It was really happening.
Finally, it was time for movie, Iron Man 2. Picking up from the previous Iron Man movie, the public is aware of Tony Stark being the armoured superhero Iron Man. The story begin with Tony Stark, being pressured from the government, the press and the public to share his technology with the military. Tony is unwilling to divulge the secret behind the Iron Man armour to avoid the information slip into the wrong hands. Inevitably, Tony is pitted against his Russian arch nemesis, Whiplash, and corporate rival Justin Hammer. For Marvel hero lovers, the movie also featured Scarllet Johansson as the Russian spy Black Widow.
After movie, we drove to Likas for dinner. Paul and Shirley suggested to have dinner at Seafood Restaurant.
For your information, Seafood Restaurant had been taken over by a new owner but the chef still remain there.
Stir-fry Sabah Vegetables with Egg
Pork Ribs King
The Pork Ribs King was delicious with the sweet sauce coated on it. The meat was tender and wasn't fat.
Fried Hokkien Mee
I missed Hokkien Mee so much. It used to be my favourite food back in my childhood. The Hokkien Mee here tasted quite good.
Claypot Assam Curry Fish Head
Angeline favourite dish, Claypot Assam Curry Fish Head. Very flavourful. Strong spices taste with a little sourish.
Watercress Soup
Yummy! Tasted like homecooked soup. Not oily but flavourful. Good to remove heatiness.
Steamed Tilapia Fish
Apart from being well-cooked, the taste of the fish was pretty average. Nothing to shout home about.
Singapore Fried Mee Hoon
The Singapore Fried Mee Hoon was lacked of flavour. Although it had a strong curry powder taste, it wasn't salty enough.
Total paid for dinner, RM83.40
Paul treat us for dinner again, thank you!

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