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Contributed by Fara aka Bobidom: 10 Days Vacation - First Stop - Seremban

Blog_For_Fun Friday, May 21, 2010
The past 10 days was 'fantabulously' awesome.
Away from home.
Away from Work.
After waiting for darn 8 months, my '4 girls and a guy'
road trip finally became a reality XD

BB & I went ahead first for 3 days & 2 nights stop at his mom's place in Seremban.
And what food did we get for our first 'road to obesity'?


I screamed help but happy at the same time XD
Look at all the cheeeeeeese....
Don't you just feel all fat already? Haha.
It's a Cheesy Double Decker crust Pepperoni Pizza by the way huhu~

Anyways, it was my second visit to Seremban, but the first to spend few nights and meet/mingle with the rest of his other family members =P

We also celebrated BB's belated birthday.
And BB's mom made a creative home made jelly pudding for his cake!
Yummy~! ^_^
BB & I learned that Shin Yi (BB's cousin) is currently studying in MMU Cyberjaya.
It made our conversation went smoothly coz I used to study at the same place as well XD
*Thank god* LOL.
Shin yi sitting in the middle
To be honest, all of them were very nice and made me feel comfortable to be around.
BB's grandma was friendly too, and I was glad she's able to communicate with me in malay.
Shin Yi also brought us for breakfast and to Seremban museum on our day - 2.
We kinda knew that there was nothing much to see really, but i simply adore the Minangkabau style building that I must took a picture of it :)
*Thanks Shin Yi!*
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