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Brass Monkey Lintas - by Clarice

Blog_For_Fun Saturday, May 1, 2010 , ,

Our church Pastor Dorothy is leaving to HK (to visit her family) and also UK next week to attend her daughter, Heidi's graduation ceremony which is going to be held on 1st July 2010. Yesterday was her birthday, so our friend Joseph organised a dinner as birthday cum farewell dinner at Brass Monkey Lintas, which is behind this famous Jia Xiang Shang Nyuk Noodle, next to One Bakery.

We all were ordering set dinner which is RM35++, or RM38++ for certain sets of dinner.

For this dinner set, we got to choose 3 courses and 1 drink.
Appetizer: Mushroom soup or salad (choice of garden salad or caesar salad or Thai Mango Spicy Salad)
Main course: Fish & Chips or Grilled Half Chicken or Lamp Chop or Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken (RM35++ set dinner); Imported Norwagian Salmon, Cod Fish or Tuna (RM38++ set dinner)
Dessert: Deep Dried Ice Cream, House Specialty.Drinks: Hot beverage, fruit juices, virgin pinacolada, lime juice, lemon tea, honey lemon tea, pineapple delight etc etc.

Here are our meals : -

Appetizer : Mushroom soup (somehow, it's actually canned mushroom soup, but the chef add more crispy bread and mushroom in) Taste is OK.

Caesar Salad (good, but lack of egg taste which could bring out the caesar salad taste)

Thai Mango Spicy Salad (good, taste sourish and bit spicy)

We ordered basket of garlic bread to go with our soup.

Iced Honey Lemon (lemon and honey taste both were too mild)

Pineapple Delight (my uncle's drink)

Fish & Chip (instead of dory fish, my uncle has requested the chef to change to garoupa fish. Guess he was regretted coz he complained the fish meat texture was too "rough", as they use real thick and big fish meat)

My Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken (the meat was tender, juicy and grilled to perfection, taste like cha su though. I only dislike the gravy, it was just like those Ayamas chili sauce that we could get from supermarket, too sweet as well to my liking). Other than that, the pasta, vege and corn were nice.

My aunty's grilled cod fish, one of the big hit of the night as many people ordered same main course. Fish meat was soft and juicy, served with dill sauce, mixed vege, mashed potato and corn. It just tasted so perfect, good combination.

Dessert: Deep fried ice-cream (only remembered to take photo when almost finish it)

Deep fried banana served with ice-cream (good!)

Bread and butter pudding served with vanilla sauce and ice-cream. Personally, I like this very much. They have got the right texture and sweetness of the bread and butter pudding.

Overall, it was a pleasant night and the waiter surprised our Pastor by singing birthday song when bringing the birthday cake to her. It was avacado cake from One Bakery.

Avocado Cake

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jotan23 said...

I loved Brass Monkey too :)

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