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Contributed by Fara aka Bobidom; 10 Days Vacation - Fourth Stop - Genting

Blog_For_Fun Thursday, May 27, 2010
I think, preparing the Delectable cupcakes for breakfast is not only 'saddening' but also cruel... for me at least *sniff*
Who would cut and tear apart such a cute teddy bear and sheep? XD
I had been staring at it for few minutes thinking how should i cut it without destroying it.
So this process includes time consuming as well =P

We missed our morning bus to Genting,
which was weird coz we checked the bus schedule few times at several sites including the official Genting website the night before.
So since we didn't want to waste our time by waiting for the 1pm bus, we decided to take a cab and reached there at 11.30am :)
When you're too excited about something,
it might turn out otherwise.

It was gloomy when we reached up Genting;
and it drizzled on and off when we're so happy playing the rides :(

Nonetheless, we still managed to cover MOST of the important rides in the theme park XD

Our first ride?

The flying coasterrrrrr~~~~
Rina didn't follow us up coz she feared roller coaster ride.
But after some encouragement and 'Jiayou-Jiayou', she finally gave in and decided to give it a try.

This is her BEFORE...


We're proud of you Rina.

Since it was raining the minute Rina done with her flying coaster *sigh*, we ran inside to play the indoor theme park and went back outside to Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland.
LOL! Doing to Abracadabra dance XD
After the rain had stopped, we resumed our theme park adventure and went on The Spinner.
With that done, we proceeded to the Space shot.

Space shot is definitely not for the faint-hearted.
It is 185 feet high and drop down at the speed of 67 km/hr.
It may not sound fast for a car...
But it sure is super fast if you fall from the sky.

So not wanting to encourage Rina to go on any extreme rides anymore, we suggested her to go to Dinosaurland or the Matahari Ferris Wheel.

photo from
Space shot (or previously known as Solero Shot) is a must try.
It was my 2nd try but first for the rest.
I'm pretty sure each of us planned to scream our lungs out when the thing dropped us down,
but Noooooooooo~~~
The moment went it drops down it was SO FAST that our butt got lifted up from our seats and our heart got caught in our throat!
We were so shocked that we couldn't scream at all even if we wanted to XD
Must try!
Don't be a scaredy cat (unless you really have a weak heart like Rina) XD

Just when we were about to try to Corkscrew Roller Coaster, the rain came pouring down again =______=.
Imagine how frustrated we were at that time.

So we ran back inside AGAIN and proceeded to the 4D Motion Master.
The 4D Motion Master is even better than 3D.
During our stay, we watched both the Sea Turtle Adventure during the day and Haunted House show during the night.
It felt VERY real and it was so beautifully done!
Owh... you need a special glasses to see this clearer lol!

Just a quick tips, if you're planning to go to Genting in the future, I'd suggest you to go as early as us (or earlier e.g. by 9.30am) and park your bags in the locker (near the indoor theme park tiketing counter) at only RM10 for big locker and RM5 for small locker, then purchase the All in One theme park tickets (RM68/person) and play your heart out while waiting for your check in time at 3pm (for First World Hotel).
The All in One theme park ticket enables you to access all indoor and outdoor rides + Snow World, Genting Bowl, X-Pedition Wall, Flying Coaster + Discount coupons.
You'll save almost RM30 and it's definitely worth it, provided that you're up to try every rides and have plenty of time to waste.

Oh, don't forget to check the weather report before coming to Genting. Make sure it's an all-day-sunny day :)

After we checked in at 3pm, we went back down to walk around and play whatever that was available while waiting for the rain to stop.
We were so annoyed with the weather really.
It was such a waste that we didn't get to go to the Water theme park coz it didn't open at all.

When the rain FINALLY stopped, we were left with another hour till the theme park closed down. *pfft*

So we quickly headed off to the Grand Prix Fun Cart and Corkscrew next.
Photo reference from

Even though it was my fourth time going up the Corkscrew,
it still scares me every time I lined up for it. (Rina: I'm definitely skipping this ride!)
One souvenir that I brought back from this ride was a small green bruise at my upper chin that I got from accidentally punching myself during the bumpy ride XD

After the outdoor theme park closed, we proceeded to our free Wall climbing at the 1st floor near the Snow World.
Then, we rode the Venice Gondola to rest for awhile while waiting for our turn in Snow World.

*sigh* No camera allowed inside unfortunately.
But it was so fun!
We threw not-so-snow balls at each other and also went on the slippery slides.
A must try :)

Next, is to the Rio Float, Haunted House show at the 4D Motion Master & Bumper Car section which never gets old XD

Here are some of the other views of First World Hotel taken by Rina
To conclude our night, we finished off our last coupon at the Genting Bowl, got onto the indoor Ferris Wheel and lastly, had a late dinner at Marry Brown while feasting our eyes on a round peach.

Mine is marked 'P' *hohoho*

Look Ma~ I'm in London
It was awesome to spend my vacation with these peeps,
and I'm loving every each one of them.
href="">Gonna conclude our vacation in the next post.
As usual, lunch first!

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