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Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant @ Seri Selera Kampung Air

Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant
Location: Food center opposite Cathay
Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 9/05/10
 Claypot Curry Fish
It was Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!

Angeline will be departing from KK to KL on Wednesday. Thanks to all the pretentious people who can really acted so well. Too bad that Angeline had to let you all down as she got a few better offers which included business opportunity.

Tonight, as a farewell dinner for Angeline, Jane and her husband spend us a scrumptious dinner at Hua Hing. It was 9 of us which included their company's staffs. Thanks Jane and her husband for being so generous to us!
Fried vegetables with belacan
Jane and her husband brought some fresh fish from the sea to be cook by the restaurant's chef. The Claypot Curry Fish was one of the dish used the fresh fish. It was good. The fish was fresh and sweet.

They wanted to order the Pakis veggie but it wasn't available. Hence, they ordered something like Pakis but couldn't recalled the name of the veggie.
Stir-fry Sabah Vegetables
Steamed Fish
Another dish of the night was the Steamed Fish. It was fresh and well-cooked. The fish was sweet with no pungent taste and we can eat it even without the sauce.
Steamed Mussel with Garlic
The garlic sauce was nice and the Mussels was fresh. Too bad that it was a little bit overcooked.
Fried Crab with Black Pepper
Strong in black pepper taste but it doesn't outshine the freshness of the meaty crab. Yummy!!
Fried Oyster
The big portion of Oyster was brought by Jane and her husband. It was fresh but the gravy was a little bit too salty.
Fried Fish Fillets with Ginger and onion
Fresh fish stir-fry with ginger and onion. Tasted very good!!
Crab with Butter Sauce
Fragrantly good with butter flavour. The crab was fresh and meaty. There were some crab roe in the crab as well.

Total paid for dinner was unknown. Thanks Jane and her husband again for the dinner!!
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Think this place is known as Sri Selera Kg. Air?

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