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Buffet Steamboat @ Taman Fortuna

Buffet Steamboat
Location: Same shop that sell Sandakan Noodle in the morning, middle shop next to the bridal shop,
Food: 3.5/5
Service: (Self-service)
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 05/05/10
Besides Lintas is having a new place for Steamboat, there is also a new Buffet Steamboat's place in Taman Fortuna. Compare to the crowds, Taman Fortuna's steamboat had less crowds. Probably because they serve pork.
Only two selection of soups are available, Tom Yam or Chicken. We ordered both.
We were afraid of allergy due to excessive seafood, so, we didn't pick any prawns nor crabs. We picked quite a lot of fish balls, fish cakes and meat ball. It tasted not bad.

They also have some ready-cooked dishes for us to fill-up the stomach while waiting for our steamboat to ready. One of the best ready-cooked dish that we had was the Chinese Wine with Ginger Chicken. It had strong ginger taste, a little bit sweet and full of wine flavour.
The selection of food are a lot. RM20 per head
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Anonymous said...

wow new steamboat place in kk.. how much per head? ;)

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