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Kopitiam VIP @ Damai

Kopitiam VIP is another famous place to have the expensive corned chicken. It costs you about RM60 for half chicken. To tell you the truth, we don't really fancy the corned chicken as we get to eat it every Chinese New Year for free and it is brought to us by our aunt from my mom's hometown. Besides the corned chicken, we heard that the food here are not bad, so we decided to give it a go. Even though the prices of the dishes are not cheap compare to other restaurant, but couldn't be deny that the quality of the food are much more better. The Stewed Fish Head that we ordered was really good. Although it was a fried fish head, we can still tasted the freshness of the fish and it was so meaty and delicious. The hot and sour soup was cooked with char choy (preserved vegetables), good quality beancurd and crab meat. It is really suitable to drink during hot weather as it can help us to open up our appetite. Not to forget, it tasted good too.    Stewed Fish Head, RM24 (T

Restoran Original Village Recipe @ Damai

After our classes, we were on a rush to Damai for our massage appointment but before that, we need to have something light to fill-up our stomach. Recommended by Elaine, Restaurant Original Village Recipe serves good dumplings and la-mian (homemade noodles). When we told the staff that we were rushing, she recommended us to order the dumplings. We ordered the Dumplings with Minced Meats top with Chillies Oil and Dumplings with Minced Meats and Pumpkin. The dumplings was really good. The dumpling skins was thin and not too soft, while the fillings was just nice. We saw quite a few interesting dishes on the menu and we would definitely return to try.    Dumpling with Minced Meat top with Chili Oil, RM8.50 for Set of 10pcs    Dumpling with Minced Meat and Pumpkin, RM8.50 for Set of 10pcs   Ratings: Food: 4/5 Services: 4/5 Cleanliness: 4/5 * The restaurant is no longer in operation. The shop lot had been taken over by Cafe Chat Room .

Cafe Promenade Buffet @ Promenade Hotel

Promenade Hotel has always been well known with their buffet due to the variety of food available. After the new renovation, the hotel looks more appealing and it tempted us to go for the buffet. As we felt extremely hungry after our massage, we thought it might be a good idea to go for the buffet and so, we went. There were plenty of choices available and the special dish was Whole Roast Lamb. Unfortunately, when Angeline was taking the Roasted Lamb, she saw the chef dropped a huge chunks of meat and put it back to the grill racks. Hence, we just share the servings of roasted lamb that Angeline took and never refill again. However, we had an enjoyable dinner, having a pleasure chats while enjoying good food.    Cold Dishes   Buffet Selection  Buffet Selection   Roast Lamb on Saturday, Total paid for 3 person RM207 after ++  Desserts (section that we love the most, the cakes and pastries was good) Cafe New Look, renovated recently Ratings: Food: 4/5 Services: 3/5 Cl

Kedai Kopi Luyang @ Foh San

Talking about where to go for tea-time in KK, there are plenty of places to suggest. One of the locals favourite place is Kedai Kopi Luyang. For pork lovers, the restaurant have stalls serving Chu Chap (pork intestines) and Wor Tip(dumplings). Also, there are stalls selling Pau, Char Koay Teow, Satay, Fried Chicken and pastries. That's why it is a good place to go during tea time(forget about the calories intake). Char Koay Teow, RM4 (Not bad, the prawn is fresh and the tastes is good) Mixed Pork Intestines, RM10 (This is good and it can hardly find in KK) Tau Foo Fah Special, RM2.50 (Although it can hardly find in KK but this doesn't tasted good and it's expensive. The textures is not smooth) Ratings Food: 4/5 Services: 3/5 Cleanliness: 2/5